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Amalgamation of Slogs
"Vrrrrrrrrr!!!!" He stepped on the gas in yet another attempt to propel the car out of the mud.  "Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."
In the author's mind, not one word of the story rang true.  Trying to decipher where the idiocy lay, he thought, "Maybe it's the 'vrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.'  It sounds like a car but it looks like a cat purring."
"Maybe adults don't use 'vrrrrrrr.'"
"ALLRIGHT, cut it out.  We're not going anywhere doing it this way.  This is a waste of time."
"You had to drive off the main road like some idiot."
"Main road sounds doltish. Interstate.  Highway."
"You have no sense of adventure.  If all mankind acted the way you do we'd all be an amalgamation of slogs."
'Sense of adventure.'  It sounds like I'm selling a 7 day, 6 night vacation deal.
"Amalgamation of slogs?!?!"
"'Amalgamation of slogs.'  I like it.  Stupid, ridiculous.  Fits well with the story."
"Yes, slogs.  Stuck in the mud is better than being a slog."
"I don't know about that. We could have been picturesquely riding down the highway."
"I don't do picturesque."
"'I don't do picturesque.'  Cute. Colloquially cute, but not at all original.  Let's see, "'I don't do fun.'  Or, 'I don't do serious.'  Or, 'I don't do . . . literature.'  Certainly don't do literature."

" . . . but don't be afraid to show yourself foolish; . . ."
  - Anton Chekhov
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