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Li'l Stonehenge
Archaeologists find new structure at Stonehenge
Thu, 22 Jul 2010 09:48:30 -0400
LONDON (Reuters) - Archaeologists have discovered a wooden version of British prehistoric monument Stonehenge at the same site,. . .  http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE66L17Z20100722?

A new discovery of theater-shaped artifacts has been discovered.  Stonehenge, the formation which gave birth to crop circles, has now given birth to a wooden offspring, also round, like Stonehenge.  The wooden version, attended to at birth by doctors of archaeology, was successfully discovered just recently. "Waaaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaa" was heard as a ground reading radar revealed the tyke.  This is the first indication that Stonehenge is a female.  Gestation is estimated at 4,000 years and counting.

Dr. Phillip Phelps, head of the expedition; "Good God, we weren't sure of it's location but believe me, when we heard it cry, tears welled in our eyes."  The tyke weighed in at approximaely 2 1/2 tons with a diameter nearly that of it's parent.  Already, Woody, as he has been named, is being attended to by numerous business entrepreneurs, scientists, and at least 4 woodpeckers.  "We'd really like to isolate him from the publicity.  However, this kind of celebrity isn't easy to control.  As long as we can eventually pressure-treat him we'll put up with the crowds.  He'll never last without pressure-treatment."

Stonehenge's purpose has never been widely agreed to.  The new speculation is that propagation is definitely an element of Stonehenge's purpose and, based on this, the presumption is that Stonehenge was established by aliens as a way of populating and, eventually, controlling the earth.  However, seeing as how it has taken nearly 4,000 years to give birth to just 1 wooden offspring, most scientists are convinced the aliens are some sort of space-age nincompoops.
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