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The Confetti Machine
The oration had drawn a large crowd.   The speaker, in the midst of his speech, continued:

"We are mankind. ",  he said loud.  He paused then remarked, "We are ONE!!!!!" 
The crowd cheered and applauded.  Confetti was let loose in the auditorium.   Some of the audience could be seen leaning into their neighbor.  "Incredible!  Just incredible!",  I imagined they remarked.   Without doubt, the people in the deli next door heard the din of the ruckus, as they had heard a similar din on previous occasions.

A young girl , wondering what the hollering was about, came in from outside and  walked into the foyer of the auditorium.  In the foyer, a security guard spotted her and approached. 

"5 dollars."  he said.

"5 dollars!"  she repeated, with a soft surprise.  "That's not a bad price is it?"

"No, no."  he reassured her.  "As a matter of fact, you're saving 10 dollars.  The speech has started so you get 10 dollars off the original 15 dollar ticket price."

Glancing away from the guard, 
She thought for a moment .  "Ok, I'll take one, . . . sure, I'm gonna take one."   The guard handed her a ticket.  She handed him 5 dollars then headed toward the auditorium.  Bits of confetti were still falling and freckled the floor of the entrance-way.   T he applause, though abated, continued.   
Outside, the deli owner stood in front of his store.  Wearing
a white smock often worn in the food service industry, he was on a smoke break.  Smoke drifted off to who knows where.  His smock was stained with smudges of one sort or another and particles of the meats he served.

If anybody has any clue why I thought this was publishable please let me know.  I haven't the faintest idea why I wrote it, let alone published it.
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