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Bluster Decorates My Insight
For your generic, transitory enlightenment, I hereby muse .

Concerning the basic necessities of food, drink, shelter, etc.
Acquire them in a manner that is legal, preferably.  Whether that manner is morally corrupt is irrelevant.  

Once the basics are arranged, attempt to self-realize by succumbing  to peer pressures and otherwise keeping up with the Jones. When the fraudulence of self-justification through peers is revealed to you, attempt to blame society, those same peers, or anyone but yourself.  If you're lucky enough to blame yourself, please, please, please don't be too hard on yourself.  After all you're only human, despite your hard-earned all-to-certain omniscience.

Love is a many splendid thing, as has been attested to over the generations.  Unfortunately, the bill regulating the associated hazards still sits in committee on Capital Hill.  So do be careful if you find yourself in love.

Politically, associate with Republicans and the trickle-down theory of economics, if you're quite certain there is no way in heck that this theory can be corrupted by either individual greed, exclusivity parading as freedom of association, or a combination of both.  Associate with Democrats if you can't spell correctly and have mistaken idylls as ideals.. Nobody will harp on such a mistake, rather, any recognition of the irony in the mistake will be dismissed as a Republican plot.

Regarding your writing, which has been described as fugacious, nugacious, not at all sagacious, and somewhat loquacious, practice, practice, practice.  If that doesn't work then admit that your critics are, no less than yourself, all-to-certain in their all-knowingness.   Being self-satisfied with this shaky insight continue to practice, practice, practice.

Finally, when it comes time to blog a post such as this, write from the 2nd person singular point of view.  No one is going to realize your advice as
contained in this perspective is essentially an oddity culled of a survival instinct and adopted by yourself. They will appreciate your having informed them of life and themselves.  Then they will move along, slowly at first with occasional glances to see if you're following them before fleeing in terror from your personnage. 


I probably won't post anymore between now and into the early part of the new year.  If, as I believe, I just heard some of you cheering loudly then remember this,  I said 'PROBABLY not 'DEFINITELY.'

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