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Funny, Neat Idea
I th ought this art idea was pretty cool.  They are bricks, chips and all, painted on one side to look like the backs of books. Real weighty reading. Literature Heavyweights.jpg
So, the next time you pick up a literature classic to throw against the wall, please, make sure it's not one of these.

Original photo and others can be found at http://www.facebook.com/LightReadingMelbourne, Light Reading Melbourne.

Via http://www.junk-culture.com/2012/04/literature-heavyweights.html, junk-culture.com

So I thought I'd update this post. 

First off both 'Literature Heavyweights' and 'Book Igloo' came to my attention through the website www.junk-culture.com .  It's an interesting site with, almost daily, information and links to various culture related web pages.  I highly recommend it.

Brick books connotes a degree of 'junk' in these so-called literary classics.  Sometimes unreadable as a brick, sometimes a metaphorical brick in it's proffered set of ideas.

Although, brick books represents an attitude, a not wholly serious one at that, another attitude is found in  'Book Igloo.'  It's an igloo or house made of books.  This art connotes a sheltering provided by books, maybe even a shelter fostering growth.

Book Igloo is an art piece by Milar Lagos and information and pictures can be found at; http://milerlagos.com/en/proyectos/24/

via http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2012/04/a-dome-of-books/

via http://www.junk-culture.com/2012/04/book-igloo.html

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