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New Card Game
    Card games require inventing.  So I'm thinking of a new card game.

     The lowest value card is 'chores'.  This card has little concern for concepts of past and future and is therefore situated mostly in the present.
     The next lowest value card is 'money'.  It trumps 'chores'.
     The third lowest value card is 'ruminations/considerations'.  Basically, this card came about because of certain corruptions and cheating associated with the 'money' card.  It trumps 'money'.
     The fourth, second highest of value, is 'philosophy'.  Derived from the 'r/c' card, it's similar to the 'r/c' card but a bit more complex.  It gets most of it's value from an attempt to understand the interrelationships of 'chores', 'money', and 'ruminations/considerations'.   It trumps 'ruminations/considerations'.
     The highest value card is 'God'.  It trumps all the other cards.

     Now, I have some unfinished aspects of this game.  One, how is it that players playing this game  have agency over the 'God' card?   Two, what is won by the winner?

     Thinking of calling the game 'Western Civilization'.
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