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A Bad 4th of July Joke
The barn was high-roofed, 4 angled slopes suggested typical barn engineering.  The fields surrounding the barn extended pretty far from the barn itself.

Most of our group was awaiting at the front of the barn; Some, exploring, had meandered around to the back of the barn.

When those returned to the rest of us, one was overheard talking about "free roaming cattle".

Most laughed at the thought of a group of cows not fenced in. 

Except one guy.  He started in a run towards the back of the barn.  "Where?  Where?" he wanted to know.  "Out back." someone explained to him.  He disappeared behind a side of the barn and returned a short time later
with a disappointed and bewildered look .

"Liars!" he exclaimed.

"What?" someone asked.  "What are you talking about?"

"There ain't no 'free roman candles!'" he said!!!!!!
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