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The BS is Maddening

Ok, here's the backdrop.  So far, and I don't expect my opinion to change, I support President O'bama for reelection in 2012.  This little piece of truth gives me more credibility than the Republican election machine may ever have.

Scene 1:  Late July 2011, The federal government is rapidly approaching a deadline, Aug. 2, by which they must raise the debt ceiling or default on debts. In the weeks leading up to the deadline, Republicans and Democrats, particularly, Pres. Obama on the democratic side try to reach a budgetary compromise which would prevent the govt. from defaulting or not being able to pay their debts. 

This is the perfect scenario for Republicans. They can drag out negotiations till the very last minute.  By doing so they can present a week or more of stubbornness without their being any real harm to U. S. credit.  Who is the stubborn party as portrayed by these Republican shenanigans . . . Pres. O'bama.

I don't have any trouble believing Republicans manipulated the debt ceiling debate for these reasons because I'm old enough to know that these political shenanigans exist.  But I'm also not inherently anti-Republican.  Maybe they were doing their best and maybe it was purely coincidental that by not reaching a swift compromise, the Pres., as the person in charge of the federal budget, was bound to look bad.  Of course, maybe, and this is my view, the Republicans were trying to make the President the whipping boy for the slow debt ceiling resolution. 

Scene 2: September 2011,  Pres. O'bama puts forward a 300 billion dollar '2nd stimulus' bill to create jobs.  Republican reaction is to label the bill as 'class warfare.'

The Republican tactics are beginning to work on me.  But instead of blaming Pres. O'bama for creating 'class warfare', my reaction is to blame the Republicans for playing politics . . . again . . . and again . . . and again.

Scene 3:  Speaker of the House John Boehner says, today:

“Nothing has disappointed me more than what's happened over the last five weeks, to watch the president of the United States give up on governing, give up on leading and spend full-time campaigning,”  www.thehill.com

Well, nothing has disappointed me more than the Republican deviltry. 

Pres. O'bama may lose the election but it won't be because of economic policy, it will be because the Republican's became cronies with political opportunism.

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