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Life is Short
And you only know that as you grow older...

True Grit - movie

True Grit!  The remake.  Saw it with my 6+ foot son.  It was good; I didn't even fall asleep!!!  (My usual behavior when I sit down, believe it or not.)  Worth seeing, even if you loved John Wayne in the original role of Rooster Cogburn.

A beautiful (if cold) day here in PA.

Saturday, March 5, 2011 12:57 AM by
I can't figure out why your blog works differently than mine but it does:) I like your posts, keep on keeping on! I planted tomatoes last spring in a bucket but later discovered they were grape tomatoes and was disappointed by them so slowly they petered out. I like growing tomatoes though, next time it will be cherry as that was my original intention when I ended up with grape. Not in a bucket though as they seem to dry out, the soil doesn't stay moist very long.
Just a few comments on your blog. Glad to see you posting in the forum.
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