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Life is Short
And you only know that as you grow older...


Today we go to Beekeeping Lesson 1.  We never kept bees, but now we will be learning about it.  Possibly we will take the leap and get started. 

It's a series of 'hands-on' lessons that will last over the summer.  Theory is we will learn by doing and get experience with all the seasons of beekeeping.  At the introductory lesson (last month) we had an overview. 

One thing that makes me especially interested is that bees are disappearing (Colony Collapse) in large numbers.  One day the beekeeper returns to the hive and the bees are just GONE!  The reason is still unclear although there are several notions unproven.  Danger is that we NEED bees to pollinate the crops and fruits or there will be NO food.

I'll post back after our lesson and let you know how it goes and what we learned.  Maybe I'll even have a photo or two?!