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Life is Short
And you only know that as you grow older...
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FOOD! - Stone Soup & Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Today I was cooking potatoes for mashing, but I was running out of time -- so I decided to put some large ROCKS on top of the lid to speed the cooking time.  It seemed to work and the meal was on time.  Years ago, I often used a pressure cooker and it worked on the same principle - shortening the cooking time.

My daughter saw the stones on the lid and asked if I was making 'stone soup'.  Remember the children's story of Stone Soup? 


On Saturday I had GARLIC mashed potatoes at Outback Steakhouse.  Never tasted them before.  Must say they weren't as good as I hoped.  But I'm glad I got to taste them.

Reply to comment (see below):  

Not sure why except I figured it might work.  When I weighted the lid with 3 large stones (approx. 5x3" each) to hasten cooking just like a pressure cooker would, it seemed to work,  So - ever since - I've used this when time is of the essence.  Thanks for the encouragement AND your comment, Weezie. 

PS I washed the ROCKS thoroughly first.  :o)

How to See Comments

Enjoying the forum.  Answers abound and friendliness too!

Answer to recent Question:  To enjoy comments that are approved by the blogger, you need to click the title of that particular blog.  Simple, but if you don't know the trick - it can be frustrating to try to find it.

Happy Spring to all of you.

Comment: tomatoes on the windowsill

In winter tomatoes are hard, cold, slightly PINK things.  A shadow of their genetic selves and we HATE them.  But every summer we LOVE them.  Then they're juicy, red, and full of life!!!

I blogged earlier here about ripening them in winter.  My 4 pack of those especially cardboardy ones (the cheapest you find at the grocery) on my sill now for several days.  The color is changing, but still I haven't gotten the excellent results I so hope for.

But I do know that refrigerating these so-called "fruit" gems ruins them for sure. 

What are your experiences with tomatoes in winter?  I'd love to hear.

Comment: Laundry day!

Hello there!  Today was laundry day.  It was piled up, literally!  The washer is not in the best condition so I'm hoping it holds up.  With 6 in the family, it takes a beating - especially when the seasons change.

Last night it was a red sky.  This morning too.  I wonder if that saying applies:

"Red sky in the morning - sailor takes warning.  Red sky at night - sailors dellight."

Oh well, it was beautiful each time.  The paint box of God never ceases to amaze me.  His creation is so lovely.  I especially love trees!  They stretch their arms up to heaven.  And the birds love to rest on their branches. 

Have a good day!

True Grit - movie

True Grit!  The remake.  Saw it with my 6+ foot son.  It was good; I didn't even fall asleep!!!  (My usual behavior when I sit down, believe it or not.)  Worth seeing, even if you loved John Wayne in the original role of Rooster Cogburn.

A beautiful (if cold) day here in PA.

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