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Life is Short
And you only know that as you grow older...
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Comment: Susan Boyle

Look at the darling singer from Britian that has taken the world by storm - Susan Boyle.

Just saw the interview of her on TV channel last night. She is a dear and yet - a real person -- not just an amazing singer. I wish so that I could meet her. She seems so down to earth, and yet so vulnerable and real.

I would tell her to take care of herself. Watch out for those who would attach themselves to her that could hurt her. She wants protecting, I think. She deserves it too.

I wish for Susan Boyle success (hardly necessary anymore) and along with that a joyous life and peaceful. God bless Susan Boyle.

Comment: April's trip / Hershey Medical Center

Today April (and we) went to a cardiologist near Hershey, PA.  It was a difficult trip - the drive, and the news.  Not unexpected, but still difficult.  The people there were amazing, however.  It was a good place to be, and the people were so kind and considerate.  Our April did very well and was very grown up about it all.  April has Downs Syndrome and a serious heart problem. 


Our April is grown; born in 1971.  Her heart is inoperable, so that is the hard bit.  But she is such a cheerful girl and tries so hard to make it easier for others.

For instance, when her pet canary died, she kept it secret so she wouldn't upset the family.  I have talked to her about telling me when things are wrong. I think (and hope) she understands how important that is since we realize how grave her present condition. 

Thanks for your comment. I am delighted to hear from you. :o)

Today I was looking at a tomato that I have at the window sill.  Thinking I'd like to share my experience with these red lovlies. 

Did you know that you can take a rock hard grocery store tomato and ripen it?  You can!  Sometimes they will mold, but often you will have a ripe, juicy result.  I think some tomatoes WILL NOT ripen, but on the whole - they have the ability to ripen as they sit.

In addition, if you refrigerate ANY tomato you will ruin it.  Try storing your fresh tomatoes near your kitchen sink and keep an eye on them.  They will watch you too, and let you know by their 'look' - time to eat me! 

You think I jest?  Or maybe this is a crazy lady?  NO!  I am telling you the truth.  I grow tomatoes often, and I've even sold a few and given many away.  But it horrifies me that so many people REFRIGERATE their tomatoes, I suppose thinking that they will KEEP better.  Oh my...

Tomatoes love HEAT and hate cold.

If you don't believe me - give it a try.  Next time you buy a few tomatoes, or even buy that cardboard package that are the cheapest -- and experiment.  You will be rewarded with a few riper tomatoes, and possibly a moldy one (throw that one away). 

Good luck with that... 

Comments: Thankfulness

Well, today is Sunday!  A special day every week set aside by our Creator to refresh and worship. 

Thankfulness is it's own reward, don't you think?  When I feel thankful and am thankful, I am more happy and even joyous.  When I am grouchy and unthankful - I feel bad and ugly.  Interesting how it works that way. 

I am coming to the conclusion that the movie:  POLLYANNA, was a most astounding one.  The message is so very helpful in this world.  Looking for the good - is a blessing to those looking and those all around.

Looking for the good...   :o) 





Life is short.  But I never knew that REALLY until I aged a bit.  Now, I really DO know.  Where has the time gone?  And I'm distinctly aware that it's more limited than I might have thought.   

You know what I'm talking about if your birthdays have multiplied substantially.

My brain is empty at this time to add more to this blog.  I have read some real interesting blogs here on copper - so I was encouraged to get this started.

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