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Life is Short
And you only know that as you grow older...

Why Aren't We Blogging on Copper.net?
I wonder why it seems that no one blogs here lately?  I use to enjoy checking out the current entries - though few.  Some were to my taste, some not.  But usually there were some current ones, and some that inspired comments or encouragement.

Ads, religious dogma, and (lately) politics are not appreciated by this reader.  I know, I know.  They are really important topics.  To all of us.  But we share a common ability to hear all the comments and slants we like -- already.  Expert!  Well spoken.  Not always that convincing - especially if we have our mind made up. Even if we haven't.   

I hope that the 'powers that be' here on copper.net will continue to strive for the best online experience.  That includes a friendly environment for blogs/comments.