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Life is Short
And you only know that as you grow older...

Comment: tomatoes on the windowsill

In winter tomatoes are hard, cold, slightly PINK things.  A shadow of their genetic selves and we HATE them.  But every summer we LOVE them.  Then they're juicy, red, and full of life!!!

I blogged earlier here about ripening them in winter.  My 4 pack of those especially cardboardy ones (the cheapest you find at the grocery) on my sill now for several days.  The color is changing, but still I haven't gotten the excellent results I so hope for.

But I do know that refrigerating these so-called "fruit" gems ruins them for sure. 

What are your experiences with tomatoes in winter?  I'd love to hear.


Today I was looking at a tomato that I have at the window sill.  Thinking I'd like to share my experience with these red lovlies. 

Did you know that you can take a rock hard grocery store tomato and ripen it?  You can!  Sometimes they will mold, but often you will have a ripe, juicy result.  I think some tomatoes WILL NOT ripen, but on the whole - they have the ability to ripen as they sit.

In addition, if you refrigerate ANY tomato you will ruin it.  Try storing your fresh tomatoes near your kitchen sink and keep an eye on them.  They will watch you too, and let you know by their 'look' - time to eat me! 

You think I jest?  Or maybe this is a crazy lady?  NO!  I am telling you the truth.  I grow tomatoes often, and I've even sold a few and given many away.  But it horrifies me that so many people REFRIGERATE their tomatoes, I suppose thinking that they will KEEP better.  Oh my...

Tomatoes love HEAT and hate cold.

If you don't believe me - give it a try.  Next time you buy a few tomatoes, or even buy that cardboard package that are the cheapest -- and experiment.  You will be rewarded with a few riper tomatoes, and possibly a moldy one (throw that one away). 

Good luck with that...