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My Little Corner
Poetry & Prose, Recipes, Did You Know, Tidbits, and Ponderings . . .Wherever My Spirit Flows.

My Thyroid Vascular Disorder ...
Hey all, 
An update on mine and my sister'shealth - apparently most everything we are going through with thevascular disorders of alternating between thin and thick blood is  related to our Hashimoto thyroiditis, which in turn is related to an auto immune disorder set off byCeliac's disease. These two diseases are mainly hereditary and can cause a wide variety of symptoms depending on the individual involved . . . It could show up with something as simple as dandruff and dry skin patches, or maybe little red bumps scattered around your body. Or, intestinal bleeding, chronic constipation, and recurring bladder infections.

Many people who are tested get a false negative response because the current test is ineffective in giving an accurate response. I was diagnosed because I chose to go gluten free and made a 80% recovery - unfortunately, once the permanent damage is done it becomes irreversible. I also discover that people who have wheat allergies on top of standard celiac can still react to items considered safe or gluten free, AND we are more prone to having other food allergies such as soy, dairy (especially cow milk because it has traces of gluten in it). There is a fallacy in the gluten free community that corn gluten is ok but this is absolutely not true because true Celiac's react to corn gluten the same as other forms. The standard was set in a country where corn was not a main staple in the diet so it was not added to the list of known culprits at the time Celiac was discovered. So, the safest way to go gluten free is to avoid all grains and judge for yourself on how you react to the rest. Even some meats contain hidden gluten because of the large amounts of grain they are fed to fatten them up! My best diet plan so far is avoiding grains and eating only lamb or mutton, or sea food as long as it is free of mercury. I drink goat milk in my  coffee and for baking and it works just as well. I always try to buy organic because I am also allergic to pesticides.

A little known fact about gluten is it is also used in many glues such as envelopes and stamps, food labels etc. it is used as a thickening agent, or in lotions cosmetics and other hygiene products which is why I can't use hair conditioners without getting dandruff. Many products labels as gluten free contain corn gluten and since it hasn't been tested and categorized as an equal offender use at your own risk - I feel much better since giving it up. Even some prescription meds contain gluten fillers - this is an area I am currently having issues with because my needed meds contain gluten and so it is a vicious cycle - gluten caused the damage and in treating the symptoms I have to take more gluten which causes more damage! I recently heard about a gluten free thyroid medicine brand that I need to ask my doc to switch me too if my insurance will pay for it - it has only four ing and is a liquid gel capsule form.

Food allergies can also create malabsorption issues because of the chronic inflammation in the gut so heavy doses of vitamin injections may be necessary to keep the brain functioning - currently I get B 12 injections monthly and take a daily prenatal vitamin plus a daily super B complex vitamin and this combo keeps me just barely inside the normal ranges. Celiac can lead to numerous other disorders such as Aspergers or other autistic spectrums - the longer it is left undiagnosed the more damage it causes to the body so all kinds of nasty symptoms begin to occur as we get older. The only way to get a hundred percent diagnoses is to go completely gluten free for three months and see if you don't feel better and more energetic. A perfectly balanced diet is one with small portions of meat and large portions of fruits and vegetables and nuts - especially low fat nuts like almonds. Very little processed foods, this is the only way to make sure you are getting what your body needs to heal itself - and remember to buy organic whenever possible! Good luck and God bless.

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"Come See To Be Free"
I've been away . . .
My sister has been in the hospital under critical care with a mysterious blood clotting disorder and I have been spending most of my time there with her. My apologies for not letting people know sooner but my thoughts have been distracted. Prayers for my sister would be appreciated.
Chronic Chaos
Another day in the life . . . seems like evil enjoys jumping me from behind whenever things seem to start getting better, then kicking me when I'm down. Always, on a daily basis my faith is being tested . . . especially when the Lord answers my prayers in a way that brings me instant joy and feelings of being loved.
     For example: I have been having car issues that were steadily worsening since 2008 - I had a 2000 Chevy Prizm, and after getting bad gas at a Union 76 station I had to replace the fuel injectors, which cost $500 at the time. The car began having issues after that and when I finally saved up enough money to take it to a mechanic I was told that this car was a limited edition model and has a computer brain that refuses to update when new parts are installed - even if they are dealer parts (probably why they stopped making that model after just a year). My option was to either come up with $1000 for a replacement brain (which would eventually have the same issue), or sell the car for parts. I tried desparately to save money to fix this car, but every time I got close I was suddenly assaulted with mini crisis that required me to use all the money saved. Some of the crisis involved my mother's serious health battle with COPD from smoking.
     If I sold the car then I would have no way to get back and forth to necessary doctor appts etc. so I drove it until last year when it became undrivable. I prayed for a replacement car, specifying that I didn't care if it was a beater as long as it was free and dependable. As is God's way when I pray with a pure heart concerning true needs . . . He put it in the heart of an ex employer, who as providence would have it, was planning on selling an old beater that had recently been in an accident but was still street legal to drive. I had mentioned my situation and he donated the car to me so that all I had to pay was title and tab transfer fees. The main issue with the car was that it leaked a little oil and water "mysteriously" kept getting into the trunk. What a blessing! My heart was over flowing with joy.
     My plan was to sell the Prizm cheap and use the money to fix up the donor car, which was a 1989 Toyota Camry 5 speed (gotta respect the Toyota for endurance!) It was a V6 and ran great with good gas mileage. I managed to sell the Prizm, and got a windfall of an unexpected refund of a large amount, but before I could use the money for the Camry I was pummeled with health issues of my own so again had to use the money saved. This was last year in 2010. In the last month the Camry had become a mold hazard for me, and being highly allergic to mold it was difficult to drive it without wearing a protective mask. It was also beginning to have start up issues and I was worried I might be stranded somewhere with no way home.
     My credit score isn't bad, but because I am low income on disability banks don't think I am a good risk for auto loans. My friend drove me around to different dealerships in the hopes of finding one who does their own financing . . . no luck. Again I prayed with a pure heart of true need, and again the Lord heard my plea and responded within two weeks (I'm curious as to why the two week intervals. . . .). As I sat at my old sewing machine mending clothes that I hoped would last another year, I broke into sudden torrential tears and heavy sobbing . . . feeling overwhelmed (other issues besides the car were taking place at this time) and lost. I prayed again for the Lord to intervene because I live out in the country - 5 miles from the nearest bus (not that I can ride them due to perfume allergies) I have serious health issues and need to see at least one doctor 1-2 times per month. As I pour my heart into my prayer a commercial came on the tv that spoke directly to me! The voice said "If you've been turned down by everyone else for a car loan then fear not, contact us at Pierre Money Mart. I promptly thanked the Lord for speaking to me in ways He knows I understand, and then I made the call.
     I spoke with a pleasant sounding woman named Megan, and explained my plight - emphasizing that I had absolutely no down payment but had a beater for trade in if they wanted it. She said "come on in, we've helped people in worse situations than yours." I was flooded with relief and joy, and spent the day praising the love of our Lord. My appointment was a week away on a Saturday, and although they are located in Seattle I was willing to make the 2 hour drive if it meant I would be coming home with a new car. They were really busy that day, and I had come down with a severe virus that would have rather stayed in bed with, but they were very helpful and compassionate - great people to do business with.
     My friend and I ended up having to wait 6 hours for the entire process while they found the right financier to negotiate a workable deal for me (and they had many other customers to deal with in between time) but finally an agreement was achieved! I drove home in the newest car I had ever owned and it was so relaxing not to have to worry about breaking down right away. I didn't drive it for several days after that because I was recuperating from the virus. When I did go out intending to drive into town to pick up my necessary prescriptions I was shocked to find a pool of water on the front passenger floor!! Literally 2-3 inches deep (it had been raining heavily all night), but no evidence of a visible leak. I had to drive like that the 20 mins into town while the water sloshed around. And when I got home I immediately emailed Pierre Money Mart to ask what they were going to do about it. They said bring it in and we'll figure it out and fix it free - great guys. Again the kick me when I'm down part - my employer (part time nanny two days a week) informs me that she may have to let me go due to their current child custody battle. My heart sunk and she cried as she explained the situation. See, I would have waited to by a new car until after they settled their custody issues but she had assured me that my job was safe and they would need me for at least 5 more years.
     She had promised that I didn't have to worry about losing my job, especially if she got full custody. So I trusted her words and bought the car. Then the court asked me to get involved as the main child care provider and write an unbiased statement about each parents interaction with the baby. I kept it as neutral an un-opinionated as possible so as not to be hurtful to either parent. The mother got full custody, and the father blamed me even though I didn't say anything negative about him. So now he is throwing a fit and insisting that the mother give me a two week notice. She is refusing for the time being, and her attorney said that most likely the judge won't allow the father that control . . . but advised her to look into other childcare options just in case. So now I'm faced with the possibility of having large car payments, which I incurred based solely on her promise of job security, but no job to pay for the car. I pray daily for the Lord to provide me with another job right away if this one ends, and even though He always provides as He sees fit to best serve His needs . . . I am human and cannot help but have fear of the unknown.
     I have also been inflicted with another bout of serious health issues to add to the pile of burdens, so my emotional state is not as well as it could be right now. I'm trying not to have a pity party while expressing my frustration - seems the simple act of just writing down the frustrations helps to alleviate some of the emotional burden and lighten the load. Some times I feel a kindred spirit to the Job of scripture, and Satan is being allowed to test my faith in a variety of ways . . . but I will not lose faith unto death as long as the Lord is with me. Our Lord has blessed me with so much and I am forever grateful that all my basic needs are given on a daily basis - God is my inspiration and Jesus my savior - Amen!
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Taking Responsibility = Love
People who try to blame others' for their own actions are really annoying. More and more lately it seems like people are always trying to pass the blame - especially when giving fake apologies. For example, I want to burst out laughing at the twisted way a person tries to apologize when they say something like I'm really sorry you got upset when I wrecked the car, lol. Or, something like, I'm sorry I hurt you . . . but you make me so mad. Always, the immature or self-centered person will pass the blame rather than take responsibility for screwing up.

Society seems to be raising a bunch of self-centered, prideful and arrogant jerks who would rather ask forgiveness rather than permission, who won't fully admit to doing anything needing forgiveness in the first place. It's no wonder that relationships are failing at a speed faster than light when neither person wants to admit their weakness and accept the blame they are responsible for. A mature person says "I'm sorry I hurt you." An immature person says "I'm sorry you're hurting." It is not a sign of weakness to show that you understand you made a mistake and take responsibility for your own part WITHOUT pointing out the other person's part in the situation. That is for them to accept blame for on their own. It is a sign of strength to say "I'm sorry, will you please forgive me?" and then don't add another word. I promise in the long run you will get much better results for showing love in this way. . . .
Daily Devotional from "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young
When I Give You no special guidance, stay where you are.  Concentrate on doing your everyday tasks in awareness of My Presence with you.  The Joy of My Presence will shine on you, as you do everything for Me.  Thus you invite Me into every aspect of your life.  Through collaborating with Me in all things, you allow My Life to merge with yours.  This is the secret not only of joyful living but also of victorious living.  I designed you to depend on Me moment by moment, recognizing that apart from Me you can do nothing.

Be thankful for quiet days, when nothing special seems to be happening.  Instead of being bored by the lack of action, use times of routine to seek My Face.  Although this is an invisible transaction, it speaks volumes in spiritual realms.  Moreover, you are richly blessed when you walk trustingly with Me through the routines of your day.

Colossians 3:23 23Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men

John 15:5  5"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

Psalm 105:4  4 Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.