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My Thyroid Vascular Disorder ...
Hey all, 
An update on mine and my sister'shealth - apparently most everything we are going through with thevascular disorders of alternating between thin and thick blood is  related to our Hashimoto thyroiditis, which in turn is related to an auto immune disorder set off byCeliac's disease. These two diseases are mainly hereditary and can cause a wide variety of symptoms depending on the individual involved . . . It could show up with something as simple as dandruff and dry skin patches, or maybe little red bumps scattered around your body. Or, intestinal bleeding, chronic constipation, and recurring bladder infections.

Many people who are tested get a false negative response because the current test is ineffective in giving an accurate response. I was diagnosed because I chose to go gluten free and made a 80% recovery - unfortunately, once the permanent damage is done it becomes irreversible. I also discover that people who have wheat allergies on top of standard celiac can still react to items considered safe or gluten free, AND we are more prone to having other food allergies such as soy, dairy (especially cow milk because it has traces of gluten in it). There is a fallacy in the gluten free community that corn gluten is ok but this is absolutely not true because true Celiac's react to corn gluten the same as other forms. The standard was set in a country where corn was not a main staple in the diet so it was not added to the list of known culprits at the time Celiac was discovered. So, the safest way to go gluten free is to avoid all grains and judge for yourself on how you react to the rest. Even some meats contain hidden gluten because of the large amounts of grain they are fed to fatten them up! My best diet plan so far is avoiding grains and eating only lamb or mutton, or sea food as long as it is free of mercury. I drink goat milk in my  coffee and for baking and it works just as well. I always try to buy organic because I am also allergic to pesticides.

A little known fact about gluten is it is also used in many glues such as envelopes and stamps, food labels etc. it is used as a thickening agent, or in lotions cosmetics and other hygiene products which is why I can't use hair conditioners without getting dandruff. Many products labels as gluten free contain corn gluten and since it hasn't been tested and categorized as an equal offender use at your own risk - I feel much better since giving it up. Even some prescription meds contain gluten fillers - this is an area I am currently having issues with because my needed meds contain gluten and so it is a vicious cycle - gluten caused the damage and in treating the symptoms I have to take more gluten which causes more damage! I recently heard about a gluten free thyroid medicine brand that I need to ask my doc to switch me too if my insurance will pay for it - it has only four ing and is a liquid gel capsule form.

Food allergies can also create malabsorption issues because of the chronic inflammation in the gut so heavy doses of vitamin injections may be necessary to keep the brain functioning - currently I get B 12 injections monthly and take a daily prenatal vitamin plus a daily super B complex vitamin and this combo keeps me just barely inside the normal ranges. Celiac can lead to numerous other disorders such as Aspergers or other autistic spectrums - the longer it is left undiagnosed the more damage it causes to the body so all kinds of nasty symptoms begin to occur as we get older. The only way to get a hundred percent diagnoses is to go completely gluten free for three months and see if you don't feel better and more energetic. A perfectly balanced diet is one with small portions of meat and large portions of fruits and vegetables and nuts - especially low fat nuts like almonds. Very little processed foods, this is the only way to make sure you are getting what your body needs to heal itself - and remember to buy organic whenever possible! Good luck and God bless.

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