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Out-of-this-world Net Daily
Wake up before it is too late

As the weeks turn into months and the Reticulan fleet does not darken our skies we may perhaps begin to hope.  Were they intercepted? Some strange accident?  Something beyond what we might have hoped for seems to have occurred.  It also appears that the hybrid in the White House is in need of the expected attention from his masters.  There is clearly an ongoing breakdown in intellectual and judgmental function, which seems to date from the end of last year. Some unknown hand seems to have lifted our dear planet out of the grasping claw of the Grays. Out Of This World Net Daily will keep alert for any changes or clarifications in the situation.
Friday, June 21, 2013 12:34 AM by
Despite being the smartest man on all subjects, you are so weird, mwala:)
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