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Rambling Rose
Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense ~Mark Overby

In my garden

Weather conditions in the Ohio Valley have been extreme this year. We’ve broke 100 year old records for rainfall. Temperatures were well below normal through March and April which delayed early perennials and bulbs from blooming on time. Usually by the first of June my backyard garden is in full bloom with spring perennials and early summer bloomers. That has not been the case this year. Just as the tulips, poppies, foxglove and lupines finally made their debut, a freaky two weeks of harsh temperatures flirting in the 90’s. caused their time to be short-lived.

Right now daylilies are providing a splash of color here and there.

In a corner of the yard. larkspur, three to four feet tall, makes for a pretty display in hues of purple.

The lilies are just now starting to open. Their presence is greatly appreciated this year.


It’s the annuals that are truly carrying the day for this gardener. 

A pot here....

and a pot there, add that needed splash of color.

My sweet potato vine is starting to take off. I love the chartreuse, heart-shaped leaves.

The roses are just now starting to bloom. This one is called Joseph’s Coat. When the bud first opens, it’s yellow. As the rose matures, it changes colors. At any given time, you can see yellow, orange and red roses on the same bush.

I usually have cosmos four to five feet tall in the backyard during the summer months. The birds and butterflies love them. This little gem only gets 18 inches tall and bushy producing the same size blooms as the taller version. It’s a winner. I used them in a border around the front porch.

Thank goodness for annuals to add that splash of color in just the right places.

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Where Oh Where Is Rambling Rose??!!
Sunday, January 10, 2021 4:47 AM by Gem
Miss you posting at Copper, Rambling Rose!!
I have most of those flowers in the spring/summer, plus azaleas & the lovely purple larkspur. :-)
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