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Rambling Rose
Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense ~Mark Overby

Christie Plays Kingmaker--(Update)

From toying with the idea of a presidential run himself, Chris Christie is now playing kingmaker. Yesterday, October 10th, Christie showed up in New Hampshire and announced his support for Mitt Romney. Today, I received a robo-call with Chris Christie’s voice on the other end endorsing Mitt Romney for president. The timing is quite interesting as the GOP debates are tonight and Cain appears to be in a statistical tie with Romney while taking the lead in a few other polls. Cain seems to be taking support away from Rick Perry who did very poorly in the last couple of debates. Some say it was because he wasn't prepared. I believe it had more to do with his answers on taxpayers footing the bill for the education of children who are not citizens of illegal immigrants. I also believe his attacks on Romney were akin to boys in a high school locker room.

Charlie Rose, the lovable lefty, will be conducting the questioning. If the lefties had to choose a candidate out of the three front runners, they would choose Romney. So, I look to see Romney have an easy go of it from Rose. I think Cain is the one who will be hammered tonight with the hard questions since he has recently surged in the polls. Neither Cain or Perry are favorites of the Washington insiders. I could be wrong now, but I don’t think so….J

It’s time to pop the corn and get ready for the show!

Update- I watched the debate last night. I am sorry that it wasn't available via television for the nation to watch. It was one of the best discussions between the candidates so far. The format was a round table not the standard line of podiums on a stage. I learned I am no fan of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan. Even with abolishing the tax code as we know it, the idea of giving government the opportunity to control a national sales tax is scary. When you think about adding a 9% sales tax on all goods purchased on top of what the state wants, things would become very expensive. He stated all used items would be void of the national tax. That too I found  dangerous because it would stifle the sales on new products which in turn would stifle job growth. The Salvation Army would benefit but every retail store in this country sure wouldn't.

I think Santorum had the best line of the night when he pointed out the three front runners, Romney, Perry and Cain  were all supporters of TARP at the time and now claim to be such anti-government advocates. He also pointed out the reason for so many living in what is deemed poverty is due to the breakdown of the family. Single parents and fathers not taking responsibility for their children make up over 30% of our poor. Only 5% of married couples fall into the poverty level. I give Santorum first prize last night.


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