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Copper.net Support
I am an unhappy copper.net customer. The customer service is great! Your product isn't. I am on Dial-up high speed. There is nothing high speed about it! 75% of the time the high speed doesn't even work.At all! And your kilobites per second? Awful!!!!! On a good day,I receive 12 kbps. Can hardly do anything with that!! You also have me in bold letters as an active user. I have to be "on" because of the slow snail pace that copper.net dishes out to me! When I call you,I hear,"copper.net is the leading internet connections in the country". I think your customers think differently!! You can keep my name in BOLD type.I paid you a year in advance,and I will use what little connections you send my way!
Chocolate Cobbler
Chocolate Cobbler:    6 Tablespoons of cocoa powder; used- Hershey's in the brown can. Also, self rising flour was used in this recipe.