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Shaken not Stired
Observations of life from the perspective of a Mother of two.

A blog was born and disappeared!
I must say , I should not be surprised.  This morning I finally got the chance to write my first entry in my blog and this afternoon somehow I deleted it!  Although I can say I am truly blessed and that my family is being looked over by God I will also say nothing seems to come without a hurdle.  My motto for the past 13 months should be,  "if it can happen it will."  
2011 - 2012 have been both tragic and wonderful all rolled into one.  Last June I walked into a new age store and the owner, a fortune teller, walked up to me and said that my "aura" was telling her that 2011 was going to be my year.  I laughed to myself and informed her that all the first six months of 2011 had brought me and my family was misery.   My husband who was unemployed had lost his business of 22 years, our house was being foreclosed on, one of our two cars being taken away, (it was a company car), our dog was dying and we were getting ready to move in with my Mom.  In my mind the only thing that could make our situation worse was my husband and I loosing sight of our love for one another or for us or our children to get seriously ill.  She replied with something about how sometimes bad things need to happen for doors to open and reveal amazing things.  I walked away, with my sandalwood incense, hoping that she was right but doubtful that 2011 was our year.  

A little over a year has passed since I looked my husband in the eyes, told him to stop beating himself over the head in a bad economy and close the doors on his business.  I, a stay at home Mom, put on a brave face and started coming up with a plan that could keep our family strong, level headed and not homeless.  I called my Mom, who still lived in my childhood home, and asked if we could move in with her until the dust settled and we got back on our feet.  She accepted and the four of us moved 20 minutes away from  everything we knew.  A year later we are still licking our wounds but life is, dare I say, amazing.  
Someday I may share our crazy journey but for now a quick overview.  My husband is back to work and thriving in his new position.  My daughter did not miss a beat, she just turned four.  My son is loving his new school and we have found a beautiful home that makes us feel like we are on vacation everyday.  Don't get me wrong, things are stressful, frustrating and some days I have my moments of insanity but that is what this blog is for.  I diary of sorts in which I can share my thoughts with the world.  I may get judged from time to time but at least my thoughts will not be ignored.  
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