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Things aren't always what they seem to be!!!

With that in mind, I'd like to talk (blog?) about 3 types of people who are getting nasty, and hateful attitudes from other people these days. 

1: Homeless People;

            While it's true that many are homeless because they "choose" to be: there are thousands even with children who don't want that, but circumstances forced them into that lifestyle. They would work, if only someone would give them a chance.   Much to ours and Americas' shame, many of them are Veterans who lost sight, limb, and sanity fighting for "US". It's a shame & disgrace that our brave & wonderful Veterans must eat out of garbage cans, sleep in culverts or cardboard boxes on the very streets they fought to defend.  God will judge us all soon on what we do, or do not do, for our less fortunate brethren.

2: Sex Offenders;

   All sex Offenders ARE NOT rapists or Pedophiles who harm children. Some sex offenders was lied to by young girls who pretended to be of age...then screamed "rape"...because they didn't want Mom & Dad to know she was a bad girl! Many good men have been ruined for life by such girls who wear make-up, dress-up & act like hookers. They have fake ID...so how's a guy supposed to know she's lying? Is it, then, his fault, or, hers? Yes, it's his fault for thinking with the wrong head. It's her fault because of acting or playing the part of a grown-up young lady, and lying to guys. Sad thing is...these girls feel no remorse for ruining good mens lives & having them sent to prison. These, too, shall be judged someday soon.

3: Overweight People;

   America has become a cruel place for overweight people. They're heckled, taunted, made fun of and called many different names. While it may be true that some are overweight because they "do" sit around all day doing nothing but eat...there are many who actually eat very little and gained a lot of weight because of certain medications or surgeries performed on them. People with Asthma, like me, must take Corticosteroids...which blows people up like Helium filling a balloon. Some woman become overweight because they had Hysterectomies & was put on Hormones...which also make you gain much weight. If you find that hard to believe...just look at dogs/cats that have been "fixed"...just about every one becomes fat afterward, and the same happens with humans who are  "fixed".  I know, because before my Hysterectomy I only weighed 135lbs. I eat very little at all, and yet I now weigh 200+...because of the surgery & Asthma medication combined. It happens, and we Fat people have no control over it. So, before we heckle or taunt or judge any more "fat" people...think about this...THINGS AREN'T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM TO BE!!! And remember, We should not judge...lest we be judged. Thanks for listening, so to speak, take care, God bless, and, "Smile...'cause God loves ya much!"

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