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Mystery Dummy

I need a job

Does anyone out there have a good job for a 56 year old man; who is out of work after 13 years of carrying sheetrock?

Not only did the work slack up because of the economy...but it got too hard on my back and thumbs.

I only have a GED for an education and before sheetrock...all I did was weed eat state parks.

My wife and I need help.

Also when I was young and stupid...I broke into a drug store to steal pain pills...after accidentally shooting myself in the knee

and a so-called "doctor"; refused to give me any pain medication.

So I  got drunk and took some.  I got five years probation.

I'm not like that anymore.

If you know where an older man like me can get a job before I loose my car and house and all the utilities get shut off....

please let us know.

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