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Common Sense (Not always so "Common")
Observations, Wonderings and Ponderings

Today's blog is some pondering and perhaps some "sagacity" - (connecting of "dots").  I did post this in the Religious Corner, and have a suspicion it will either be ignored or it will be attacked by literalists who are not interested in the comparison of ancient mythology/religion to the modern.  I post here as a blog simply for posterity.
Mat 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

This concept of "perfect" is also to be found in ancient philosophies.

My favorite is that attributed to Hermes - whether Hermes is an allegorical figure or historic matters little.  One does not need to believe a man named "Hermes" actually existed to study the message.

Over time, I find that to separate the material from the spiritual is more and more difficult.  Contemplating "LIGHT" from both the science and the spiritual/religious aspect gives me the idea that ALL is "light" and material is merely light that is more dense and has a lower frequency rate.

I've read of the quantum physics theory of NEUTRINOS.  (Please note, the use of "THEORY" ).  Briefly, in my own words, these are found to come from energy sources - mostly the sun - but, are also in radioactivity or nuclear decay.  These pass through matter - from our own bodies to passing through the earth.  It is thought that some of them that enter our bodies, stay there - as energy.

The Greek word for "perfect" is "telesma".   It is connected in the "ancient mystery schools" to: "rite" ("teleoo" means "to bring to an end" and "to initiate into the mysteries" ), also found in the word "talisman", a physical object whose subtle vehicle (or etheric double) is a condensation of a spiritual state of consciousness. All these meanings are implied here in philosophy of Hermetics:

The superforce accomplishing the miracles of the One Entity, according to the laws of the operation of the Sun, brings everything to its natural end, i.e. towards its completion, i.e. its return to the One Entity.

Basic Hermetic philosophy:

"We are capable of finding divinity within ourselves and nourishing it by using Inner Fire --  this akashic matter, this cosmic electricity, which Hermes Trismegistus in his Emerald Tablet called telesma. By whatever name, it is always the same primordial force, 'the most powerful force of all forces' as Hermes Trismegistus calls it. This force comes from the sun, which is the distributor and inexhaustible source. One of the manifestations of this force is love -- love which makes the worlds move. Behind the light of the sun are many other forces, and telesma is a force so potent that, as the Emerald Tablet puts it, ‘it overcomes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid substance.' The initiate’s work is to channel this telesma and condense it within his cells until a transformation takes place.” Hermes said, in the Emerald Tablet, “It is the cause, this, of all perfection of all things throughout the universe. This will attain the highest perfection of powers.” 

This "telesma" of Hermetics, and "perfection" spoken of by Jesus, as something we should have as a goal certainly sounds like it is related to the scientific theory of NEUTRINOS to me.  (And, there are thought to be, "ANTI-NEUTRINOS" ).  

BTW, The origin of the word Hermes relates to a stone pillar used to communicate with the deities and the use of names beginning with Herm in Greece dates from at least 600 BCE.

As a Greek god, an ancient mention is in the "Homeric Hymn to Hermes", dating to the seventh or sixth centuries BC and deals with his birth and early exploits.

Thus, the antiquity of the roots of Hermetics (back to Hermes/Thoth) are evident.

It's a beautiful day here in the Missouri Ozarks- one of those days with autumn in the air; that first hint of crispness before our plant and animal kingdom co-creation take a rest for a few months.  We have a harvest moon (precisely, it is a "Corn Moon" - the "Harvest Moon" is in October) - and a few planets showing.  With the wonderful Google Sky Map app on my "oh-so-smart" phone, I'm enjoying learning what those lights I see in the sky have been named.  Last night I think I observed Uraneus!  (NO, not yours!  LOL!)

It's a GOOD life, and I'm enjoying it - but enjoy it the most when I'm not surrounded by negativity and strife!  Thus, here I am with my first Coppernet blog where NICE people can exchange some ramblings without the ugly attitudes found in some of the forums to resist.