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Common Sense (Not always so "Common")
Observations, Wonderings and Ponderings

It's a beautiful day here in the Missouri Ozarks- one of those days with autumn in the air; that first hint of crispness before our plant and animal kingdom co-creation take a rest for a few months.  We have a harvest moon (precisely, it is a "Corn Moon" - the "Harvest Moon" is in October) - and a few planets showing.  With the wonderful Google Sky Map app on my "oh-so-smart" phone, I'm enjoying learning what those lights I see in the sky have been named.  Last night I think I observed Uraneus!  (NO, not yours!  LOL!)

It's a GOOD life, and I'm enjoying it - but enjoy it the most when I'm not surrounded by negativity and strife!  Thus, here I am with my first Coppernet blog where NICE people can exchange some ramblings without the ugly attitudes found in some of the forums to resist.