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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell

     So much has changed for most, if not all, of us since my last post with many changes yet to come. I am ending my time here at Copper.net. I wish each of us peace and a clarity of vision in the "seemingly small moments" that constantly shape our souls.

things I love
     I was unsuccessful in uploading a photo so I ask you to imagine: a friend standing on a bridge looking through the viewfinder of her camera, wooden stairs directly behind, a waterfall to the left and a tree bathed in sunlight to the right. It is not an artistic photo, much too busy for that, but it is filled with things I love. At one point during our day at the falls my friend expressed the wish to be able to photograph the moment - emotions, sounds, smells...every bit of what we were experiencing - to be savored again later.
     I have many pictures from the hike but there are unphotographed snapshots from this day I want captured as well:
     • Listening to 18 year old B practice his ukelele
     • 22 year old C dropping by on his way home from work
     • Attending a local middle school play with my husband
     • Playing Parcheesi...
     B graduates in June. He will work at the Grand Canyon this summer and then head off to college or a two-year church mission this Fall.  With C and J already out on their own B's departure will mark the end of an era for our household. Today I accepted an offer at a University relatively close to our home, thus marking the beginning of a whole new era. For now though, I intend to cherish my current moments.


     From blog to undergraduate research papers to the GRE to statements of purpose for application to graduate school my writing continues but my objective and  intended audience is narrowing. All the while the possibilities of where I will go and what I will do is broadening.

     Thank you for checking in Gem! I will know more of what the future holds come April.

     I have a storage bin with small plastic animals that I get out when kids come to play.  A few months ago a I found a 4" plastic snake after the bin was stowed away.  Not wanting to get the bin at that moment I put the snake on my dresser to put away later.  The next time I saw the snake it was in my t-shirt drawer.  Assuming my husband put it there I put the snake on his pillow.  He put it in my hairbrush.  I put it in his shoe.  He hung it on the bathroom mirror.  I set it on his deodorant.  The back and forth continued until I put it in his pajama sleeve and then it disappeared.  After a few days I mentioned to my husband that I missed the snake.  He just shrugged and said, "Maybe it will show up."  A few days later I told my husband that I had really enjoyed finding and hiding the snake.  I said that it felt like going on mini-dates.  He shrugged and said something like, "Well, I don't know what to tell you."  A few days later I went to read my scriptures and out fell the snake.  No wonder my husband just shrugged with no comment.  I taped the snake to the patio door and the back and forth picked up where it left off until New Years Eve when my husband and I decided that I should drive to Utah to be with my dad who had been diagnosed with pnuemonia.  I was gone for almost 4 weeks.  I was grateful to be able to be in Utah with my dad (who is fine by the way) and grateful that my husband and 17-year-old supported my being away but I had a day of feeling torn between where I should be.  I texted my husband that I was feeling a little homesick.  He texted this in response:


     A mini date 900 miles away.

belly flops
     A while ago 16 year old B bought 2 small bags of Belly Flops (irregular Jelly Belly jelly beans) from the Dollar Store.  Unfortunately he did not notice that the bags contained a mix of regular and weird flavors.  The weird can be downright disturbing - rotten egg, ear wax and worse.  B realized his error when he started eating the first bag.  Most of the contents of that bag ended up in the garbage.  The second bag ended up in the cupboard until tonight when my husband  D opened it.  A few beans in and he was done.  B and 20 year old C started a competion.  They would each pick a bean for the other person and see who could swallow first (or spit out last).  B got a rotten egg and was 100%, completely done with the game.  C asked D to play - he declined.  I said I would play if I got to pick my own beans.  My first was pear - quite tasty.  C picked a bean and then brought me the plate so I could select my second.  There was one white bean on the plate, nothing else.  It was marshmallow.  C was hoping it was rotten egg.  We decided  that to make it fair we would cut each bean in half so we would both get the same thing.  The plus side of this was you could smell a hint of what you were getting before tasting.  We took turns selecting which bean to cut.  Cotton candy.  Toasted Marshmallow.  Blue Raspberry.  Chocolate.  And then...rotten egg.  Yuck and double yuck, by smell even before taste.  A few beans later C's girlfriend texted and C quit the "game" to respond to her.  I was curious about the remaining beans so I cut into another one and sniffed.  B said he would not taste anymore but he would sniff them with me.  There was one ominous looking one that C and I had been avoiding.  I cut into it and B and I both gave a sniff.  It was absolutely, positively horrid.  We had D and C smell.  They agreed it was BAD.  B offered C a dollar to eat it.  No go.  B kept upping the ante until it got to he would let C choose who he would ask to Homecoming.  No dice.  C said he really wanted to eat it just to prove we were all wimps and he wasn't but even that was not incentive enough.  
     We were laughing from the moment D opened the bag until well after the last bean was cut. One dollar well spent.  Though if we never have another jelly bean again it just may be too soon.