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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell
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Amazing Musician

I tried, unsuccessfully, to create a link to this:


It is about a blind and physically disabled musician.  My 12 year old's band teacher showed this clip in school.  It is quite touching.

Favorite Lines

“Enchanted April”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Princess Bride”, “The Kid”…Some of my favorite movies with some of my favorite movie lines.  Other favorite lines of mine:


“I tolerate you well.”   Said by my 15-year old brother when my 12-year old self asked if he loved me.


“It doesn’t have to be the best restroom, any restroom will do.”  Said sweetly but urgently by my then 4-year old son when, on vacation, I stopped and asked directions to the Best Western hotel.


“I’m GREAT of course!”   Response to, “How are you?” from 16-year old with Down Syndrome.


“Is it hot enough to go stomach-footed?”   My little brother’s question when he wanted to go shirtless in the summer.


“I don’t know what I want!”   Said by my oldest as a crying toddler after, “I want my mommy.”  I’m holding you.  “I want my blankie.”  You’re holding your blankie.  “I want to go home.”  You are home.


“Cricket loves me.”   First thing my friend’s  then 2-year old said when she and her husband found him eating from a package of Oreos, under the living room table at 11 o’clock at night.


“You’re right that was awkward.”   Said by a woman after I said, “This may be awkward but you are really pretty.”  Okay so it probably was awkward but she was(is) stunning in a very understated way.


Daughters and Sons

Today I held a newborn all through church.  Holding him brought many memories and thoughts.  


I always assumed we would have a daughter.  Our first child was going to be Caitlyn Jane.  I bought pink overalls with strawberries and blue overalls with cherries.  Our first turned out to be J. He wore blue overalls with trains and red overalls with stripes.  We can not imagine life without him.  Our second child was going to be Macy.  I bought a white dress with pink rosebuds and a sweater with embroidered flowers.  Our second turned out to be C.   He wore a white snuggie with colorful cars and a fuzzy brown sweater that made him look like a teddy bear.  We would not trade C. for the world.  Our third was definitely going to be Amanda Elizabeth.  I didn’t buy anything because we had Caitlyn’s/Macy’s clothes.  Our third turned out to be B.  He wore J.’s and C.’s clothes.  Our family would not be complete without B.    


J. was 13, C. was 9, B. was 5 and, surprise, I was expecting.  Who would this be?  We never found out.   We held onto all the clothes for a few more years – just in case.  Then we knew it was time to let them go.  With much tears I boxed everything up and gave it all away.   That Sunday a 3-year old girl crawled into my lap.  She snuggled in and started playing with my necklace.  It hit me so strong, I may not have my own daughter or my own new baby but a child does not have to be mine for me to find joy in him/her.


As B., now 8, outgrows the clothes he and his brothers wore or the toys he and his brothers played with I love to pass them on.  The other day a woman stopped by with her kids.  The boy was riding my sons’ bike and the girl was riding my sons’ trike.  Watching them ride away was like watching J. and C. and B.


My dad has always said of his children, “Every year is my favorite year.”  I love where my kids are right now – but I am also grateful for the moments of joy I get from others.

It was my week for "hall duty" for the children's organization at church.  The Sunbeam class (3 and 4 year olds) walked quietly down the hall to the bathroom.  Upon finishing in the bathroom each child stood quietly waiting for everyone else to finish.  When all of the children were out they ran like crazy back to the classroom.  The teacher told me, “I told them what I expected walking to the bathroom and what I expected waiting by the bathroom but I did not tell them what I expected walking back from the bathroom.”  She gathered the kids and told them, “We need to talk about something before we go back in the classroom.  When we walk to the bathroom we fold our arms and walk quietly.  When we are finished we fold our arms and wait quietly.  When we go back to class…”  Before she could finish 3-year old Andrew shouted, “We run and yell!” and then he clapped his hands enthusiastically.

It was asked recently "Have you ever had anyone tell you that you look like a 'celebrity'...Do you agree?  How does it affect you?" 

For years I have been told that I look like a particular actress.  I looked her up online and would have to agree we look like we could be sisters.  I don't like being compared to her, however, because our life views are so different.

If you compare pictures of me with pictures of my father - we look alike.  I have his cheekbones, his jawline, his smile, a feminine version of his nose...   I love being compared to him.  Despite (or to be more accurate - because of) his quiet, unassuming way my father is "celebrity" to me. 


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