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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell
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We Honor Them

Every Memorial Day our church has a flag raising ceremony.  The Cub and Boy Scouts dress in uniform and stand shoulder to shoulder from shortest to tallest.  A brief history of each war is read.  At the end of each history, with the statement, "Today we honor them," a flag on a pole is passed from one Boy Scout to another.  At the end of the histories a larger flag is unfolded and hoisted to half mast.  A Scout plays Taps and a former military officer shadows Taps from a distance and then the National Anthem is sung. 

This year the flag that flew at half mast was last folded by a military guard at the funeral of a war veteran.  His widow entrusted the flag to the Scouts.  Watching them I could not help thinking that we are entrusting our future to them.

Thank you to all who made and make our present possible.

Mean Parents

"Everyone I've told thinks you're mean" is the statement my 19-year old made this morning as he headed out the door to start his day.

I will agree that I am not always a nice mom.  Loving does not necessarily equal nice.

Winter quarter the only college class then 18-year old was able to get was a basketball class, the rest were filled.  He worked part-time but otherwise his time was unoccupied.  His dad and I told him he needed to be out of the house every morning for at least 4 hours. He felt as though he were being "kick-out" of his own home.  Flash forward to Spring Quarter.  He was still only able to get into one class, Chemistry this time, and he still works the same part-time hours but he also volunteers at the local food bank and at the no-kill animal shelter as well as taking an Old-Testament religion class each week.  His time is better spent, he is happier and proud of his accomplishments - I'll take "everyone" thinking we're mean.


When 14-year old was a toddler.  I would warn him there would be a consequence when he was about to misbehave.  He would ask "What will the consequence be?"  Generally, after being told, he would say, "I'll take the consequence."  He would proceed to do the misbehavior and then calmly accept the fore stated consequence.

Neither 14-year old or I can remember the last time he needed "a conseqence".  Last night he asked, "If I did something worth punishment what could you even do that I would care about?"  I told him that one possibility would be that he would not be allowed to do things after school.  He would need to be home no later than 3:15pm.  If he weren't home by stated time I would go looking for him and the following day I would be at the school office waiting to take him home.  His eyes widened, he smiled and said, "You're good."


As a child I remember thinking, My parents loves me too much to let me get away with certain behaviors.  My dad says he felt the same about his childhood.  Loving truly does not always equal "nice".



Mother's Day and one year mark

Mom passed away one year ago Tuesday.  For quite a while after she died the picture of her in my mind was that of her last days, bone thin and cancer ridden.  One Sunday, in church, we had a lesson on the resurrection.  After that when I thought of my mom the picture in my mind was of my 50-year old mother.  The mom of my teenage years.  The mom that I would talk and talk and talk to.  Today, Mother's Day, I was thinking of mom as I was saying my morning prayer and I saw a smiling early twenties mom that I only ever knew in pictures.  All day long that is the mother I see and it makes me happy.


Which is it?
Today 14-year old asked if one hungers or thirsts for attention.  I answered that both work.  He asked, "Then is it a solid or a liquid?"

Allergy season = difficulty sleeping = boys unable to sleep sharing a room = a night with 19-year-old in the living room, 10-year-old in the family room, and 14-year-old in the boys' room.  Husband turned in early in preparation for an early morning.  A stack of paperwork to attend to and no unoccupied room - except the bathroom.  Sitting on the edge of the tub filling out paperwork feeling both amused and confined.

Dinner in the oven, out front pitching to 10-year-old.  Remembered white sauce needing to be made.  Asked 19-year-old to pitch to 10-year-old.  10 minutes later looked out the back window to see:

catch in the field 020.JPG

(The specks in the field are 10-year-old and 19-year-old playing catch.)

Something to remember next time I'm feeling confined.



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