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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell

And just what would that be?

10-year old had energy running out his earlobes.  Husband asked him to please find something quiet to do.  A few minutes later we heard splashing in the bathroom sink.  Husband called, "What are you doing?"  10-year old called back, "A quiet activity!" 

15-year old and I couldn't stop laughing.  Husband just rolled his eyes and smiled.


10-year old was to receive his report card Wednesday.  Tuesday night, as he was heading to bed, he asked if I would look at his grades on-line.  He was surprised and very sad to see a B+ in one of his subjects. He had set a goal to get straight A's his entire 5th grade year.   I have not seen 10-year old this sad and upset for years.  I held him and explained that a B+ was still a good grade; that trying his best was all anyone could ask; that grades do not determine a person's value they are simply a tool to help motivate and gage learning; that no one is perfect; that his total GPA was still honors.   The statement about honors reminded me of something of greater importance to tell him. 

When 19-year old J was in 7th grade I attended an Honors assembly where he and all other students who received a set GPA, or higher, were recognized in front of the student body.  Headed out, after the assembly, I overheard a disabled boy tell his special education teacher, "Did you see J?  He's my friend.  J's my friend.  Did you see him?”  Even though I was pleased that J had an honor's report card I was much more grateful that he was this boy's friend.

When I was a Senior in high school a girl I admired asked if I would help do make-up for a play put on by special needs kids.  I was nervous but agreed.  I was so glad I did.  Spending close-up, one-on-one time applying make-up allowed me to make friends I would not have otherwise.  Lunches, phone calls and parties after the play was long over cemented the friendships. 

After telling 10-year these stories I showed him one of my most cherished Senior year book signatures.  In shaky, labored pen: "You a friend. John”.  Calmed and tired my son gave me a hug and went to bed.  I stayed up with my yearbook and good memories.

Today I found this New Era magazine article, “A Friend in the Hallway." I shared it with the family, it’s worth reading.  http://www.lds.org/new-era/2012/11/a-friend-in-the-hallway?lang=eng

Two statements and a picture

Two comments I heard recently that I like:

"I generally regret harsh words or actions but I never regret when I choose to be kind."

"Happiness starts with little things, like giving the juiciest piece of chicken or the biggest brownie to someone else rather than grabbing it for myself."



19-year old has moved to a new location with low hall ceilings and a small shower.  This picture made me laugh.


Superman's alter Ego(s)

Today I babysat a 2-1/2 year old Superman and his 7-month old brother.  After half an hour or so of playing Duplos and farm animals Superman asked for a helmet.  I told him I didn't have a helmet.  He matter-of-factly replied, "All moms have helmets."  He then asked for a sword, which reminded me that I had a shield, breastplate  and helmet in my costume box in the garage.  Once the box was out and opened all thoughts of a helmet vanished.  A purple dragon was much more intriguing.  Then the black bat held favor.  Afterwhich a pirate was identity of choice.  And then the bathroom called. Off came the pirate, underwhich was Superman, underwhich - to my surprise - was Spiderman.  After the restroom Spiderman and Superman went back on as well as a yellow cape from the costume box.  "Where's the pumpkin costume?" was the next question.  "I don't have a pumpkin costume anymore," I replied.  To which he stated, "All moms have pumpkin costumes."

Brooms and Drawers

Excerpt from an 03Oct12 e-mail I received from the wife of the couple housing 19-year old J:

"I just had to let you know that I chuckle on Mondays because as I enter my pantry, I am greeted by my broom standing on its bristles.  Monday being P-day is when they clean their rooms.  Your son often goes beyond and cleans our family room as well.  I appreciate that thoughtfulness and I love the broom greeting!  He is a good man...."

I laughed that his broom balancing continues.  I was glad to hear that he is mindful of housekeeping.  I noted that my boy was referred to as a man.  Oddly, the rest of the day I missed him more than I have any other time since he left. 


I always knew when J had been in the kitchen.  He had a habit of leaving the silverware drawer open.  When in high-school he would come home for lunch.  Seemingly daily, as he was leaving, I would remind him to close the silverware drawer.  One day I came home from running errands to find every cupboard, drawer and closet wide open.  I initially thought we had been robbed but then realized that there was no mess and nothing had been rifled through.  It was definitely the work of J.  When he came home that afternoon he told me that as he was leaving from lunch he looked back and saw the silverware drawer open.  He thought it would be funny for me to find everything open.  Half-way to school he was humored with the too-late thought of shutting only the silverwear drawer.


J does NOT like the telephone.  It baffles him that my friends and I call each other "Just to say hi".  Last spring he left the following, in a falsetto voice, on my answering machine:

"Hi, this message is for Cricket...um...I was just calling to say hi and well...um...yea, and I was just calling because, um...to say hi and could you call me back?  My number is 503-555- and you know the rest!  This is me, and I was just calling - it's not an emergency - but I was just calling to say hi and see how you were doing but mostly just to say... my number is 503-555- and you know the rest!  It's me. Okay, talk to you later, bye."

It still makes me laugh when I listen to it.


I came home to find 10-year old B sitting on then 18-year old J's shoulders pulling his hair.  I asked how long B had been sitting there.  "About 15 minutes" was their consensus.  A few minutes later J wanted something from the other room.  He grabbed B's calves to steady him, stood up and walked to the other room with B still on his shoulders.

B on Js shoulders 002.jpg

It was not until J was gone that my husband and I realized how much energy B expended climbing on, harassing and wrestling with J.


This week I received the following:

"Your son just left for his new assignment.  He was excited and ready!  Elder B has been a blessing to our home.  His faith and humility have been a wonderful example to us.  We will miss him.  I will miss my brooms and dustpans standing on end each Monday morning!  I will also miss his quick, quiet humor..."

That makes two of us :)


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