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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell
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Thumbs down

Last week my very active 11-year old was excited to report that the Student Teacher for his PE class was going to start floor hockey the following Monday.  Today, that Monday, he reported that thus far floor hockey is a big disappointment.  The Student Teacher is teaching the game (that most, if not all, of these 5th grade kids have been playing every year of Elementary school) small step by small step.  In his account to me 11-year old said, "It's not like we don't have opposable thumbs you know!" 


A few weeks ago, feeling somewhat daunted by the schedule before me, the thought crossed my mind that if I were sick I could just stay in bed.  I immediately thought how I really don't want to be sick and how grateful I was to be healthy.  I began thinking of other things I was grateful for.  The end result was me no longer feeling daunted. 

7:30am yesterday I woke up truly not feeling well.  "Not today!" was my first thought, "I have too many things to do to be sick today!"  The irony of the situation did not escape me.

I prayed really hard to not be sick just for that day.  I had too many committments to too many people that were too important: baby-sitting while parents were consulting with obstetric specialists regarding a complicated pregnancy; the 40th birthday of a friend; shopping for a first dress for a 14-year old girl for an event that evening; being partner to my husband as he taught ballroom dance to over forty 12-18 year old young men and young women. 

Gratefully the queasiness and weakness eased and then ceased.  The girls I watched were adorable and fun.  Birthday girl was acknowledged on her big day.  A dress was found that lit up the face of the 14-year old.  My husband, a former BYU dance team member, did a great job teaching the waltz and I, the wife of a former BYU dance team member (my only claim to any dancing ability) was able to help. 

I realize that not all illness and discomfort will be taken away.  I realize there is much to be learned through trial.  I do know however, that yesterday my prayer was answered and the entire day was delightful - I think even more so because it almost did not happen.

"nothing shows love like...."

Valentine aisle, BiMart, tag above toy vehicles, "Nothing says love like a monster truck."  Request to Manager for sign after Valentine's Day.  Sign given right then.  Sign and small monster truck sent to vehicle loving 19-year old missionary.  Hope he laughs - hope he knows he's loved.


Edit:  My husband left me a card and Monster Truck on the piano bench this morning.  I laughed and I knew I was loved :)



wish I had been forewarned

A little over two weeks ago found me trapped in our hall bathroom.  The doorknob would turn but would not engage the latch.  This past week found my husband trapped in the back bathroom.  Same scenerio, the doorknob would turn but the latch would not engage.  All the houses in our neighborhood are "cookie-cutter" houses, same builder, same materials, same basic design.  I figured I better warn my neighbor before she or one of her great-grandchildren became trapped.  My call was one week too late - the 2nd-grader had already spent 45 minutes trapped in their bathroom.  Yesterday I mentioned the knobs to another neighbor.  Her college aged son had spent upwards of an hour trapped in their bathroom.  Today I went to the remaining neighbors in our cul-de-sac and cautioned them to replace their knobs.  To you I say, if you have cheap doorknobs that are about 15-years old you might want to replace them - especially in rooms without windows.

I stand corrected

Prior to being nominated Valentine dance royalty for the Freshman class, 15-year old had purchased a hot-pink vest and matching tie in preparation for the dance.  The Freshman girl nominee informed 15-year old that she was planning on wearing a teal dress to the dance.  In order to match her dress I drove 15-year old to the mall, 25 miles away, where he found a teal shirt and a gray and teal tie that went well with his existing gray vest.  Tonight 15-year old called from the Valentine dance wondering how quickly I could come to the school.  The girl nominee had chosen to wear hot-pink rather than teal to the dance.  Twenty minutes later 15-year old was back at the dance in his originally planned black and pink.  11-year old said, "At least he got to wear what he wanted."  I agreed that was a postivie but I would have preferred not to have wasted the gas and money getting the teal clothing.  11-year old responed, "Gas is money."  I agreed and added that the time spent was money too.  To which 11-year old replied, "No, mom, time is love."


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