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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell
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Wednesday.  2-year old and 4-year old girls are over.  My 11-year old and 15-year old sons are home.  Little girls plus bigger boys = bigger boys turning to MUSH, especially the 15-year old with the 2-year old.  2-year old sweetly says, "Stand. Come here. Now play." and 6 ft, athletic, academic, independent 15-year old obediently stands up, goes over and starts playing animals with 2-year old.

I love every minute of it.
I know, right?
Late last night, on my way home from the play, I stopped at the gas station and was surprised to see a beautiful red convertible Ferrari on one side of the forward pump and a gorgeous white Lamborghini on the other side.  I pulled to the rear pump behind the Ferrari.  The gas attendant said that he would be right with me.  I told him to take his time, I wanted to look at the cars.  He said, "I know, right?  I've spent the last 10 minutes taking pictures of them." My car-loving missionary son used to work at that gas station.  He would have been thrilled to fill those tanks and even more thrilled to hear the low rumble of the engines as the cars started up.  It was fun thinking of him while watching the cars drive away.

Late tonight when I drove up from the play 11-year old ran out to greet me.  When I came in 15-year old wanted to fill me in on what had happened at conditioning camp that evening.  11-year old wanted me to show my husband a funny video clip on you-tube. After which 15-year began playing songs from you-tube while my husband started getting ready for bed, after all he has work tomorrow.  One of the songs was perfect for dancing so I took 11-year old's hand and began dancing with him. To my surprise he willingly danced with me for a minute or two before asking if I would prefer dancing with dad.  I said yes so 11-year old got my husband and the two of us danced to 15-year old's favorite slow song.

Last night when I was excitedly telling the family about the cars I had seen my husband did not seem as excited as I thought he would be.  Tonight I asked him about that.  He felt bad that I was so excited about the sports cars yet I was driving a 1990 Honda Civic.  The cars really were fun to see - but I don't want them.  I wouldn't trade what I came home to tonight for anything
I am grandma to a 4-year old in the play I am in.  Often during rehearsals, when we are not on stage, my "grand-daughter," will seek me out.  After a particularly long rehearsal last week she was happily sitting by me when suddenly she got a questioning look on her face.  She asked, "You're not my real grandma are you?"  I said, "No, just in the play."  She pointed to her mother, my daughter in the play, and asked, "But that's my real mom right?"  I nodded.  She ran and hugged her mom really tightly.  She did not leave her mom's side for the rest of the night.  Tonight "grand-daughter" asked, "You're my friend in the play right?"  I responded, "I'm your grandma in the play, I'm your friend in real life."  Her face lit up.  She asked, "If you're my friend what's your name?"  "Sister B," I replied.  "Sister B?" she said with her hands on her hips, "is that really what you want me to call you?"  I told her that my first name is Chris but that we needed to ask her mom what she should call me.

15 years ago I was in a new town, far from family, with a baby and a preschooler.  One day a woman, similar in situation, came up to me in church and said, "Since we don't live by family let's be family."  Since that day my "family" has become quite large.  15 years from now my grand-daughter in the play may understand that Sister is a really nice name to be called.
on the map
I live on a small cul-de-sac in a small town.  If you Google Earth my address you can get an aerial view but not a street view.  Today I was about to run to the curb to check the mail when I saw a Google Earth camera car driving down the street.  Looks like a street view is coming.  Just know - my garage door is usually shut :)
I'm in the chorus of a musical that opens next Wednesday.  Almost from day one I have questioned my decision to be in the play. Practices are long and frequent.  The amount of time away from family and other obligations is difficult.  I have no acting/stage experience whatsoever and therefore am experiencing a high learning curve.....I have often felt frustrated at the end of an evening. 

Tonight the 19 piece orchestra, the actors and the chorus practiced all together for the first time.  We were onstage running through a very difficult scene when I felt a chill run from my heels to the top of my head.  There were so many people singing or playing an instrument and yet, for a moment, I felt as though we were one.  It felt amazing.  Though I don't plan on being in a play again I now understand, to some degree,  the pull of the theatre.

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