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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell
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too long for comment box "Customer Service Experience"
     When I made my mortgage payment last month the teller told me that I qualified for their bank's home rebate credit card where 5% of my purchases would be applied to the principal balance of my mortgage.  I have not owned a credit card for years, debit cards being my preference.  However, 5% of purchases going toward mortgage principal was compelling enough to look into.  The teller sent me to a customer service rep.  I asked him if there were any "catches".  "Oh, no" he assures me, "the rebate card is our way of thanking and maintaining reliable mortgage holders."  I ask to read the fine print.  Rep does not have any fine print documents.  He calls for second Rep to come over.  She reaffirms that the rebate card is the bank's thank-you to responsible mortgage holders.  She explains that the 5% is for gas, grocery and drug store purchases, all other purchases are at 1%.  She hands me an explanatory document.  Still sounds like a reasonably good deal to me so I apply for the card.  During the application process I tell Rep that I have been a victim of identity theft and therefore have an extended fraud alert on my credit.  Rep assures there will be no complications. That evening Rep calls me at home, the extended fraud alert requires me to call their fraud department and answer a few questions.  I call. Their fraud department wants me to mail or fax a copy of my Social Security Card to their office.  I tell them that I am happy to bring the card to my local branch and have the workers there inspect it but I am not willing to have the card photo-copied.  They tell me I must if I want the card.  I tell them that I don't want the card that much.  I call branch Rep and relate my conversation with the fraud department.  He tries to convince me that it is okay to copy the card.  I tell him it is a definite deal-breaker.  A couple of days later I get the same rebate card offer in the mail.  I round file it.  A few more days and my husband gets the same offer.  I round file it.  The next week, yet again, the offer appears in our mailbox.  I call the number listed.  I politely explain that I want to be taken off their mailing list because according to them I am not eligble for the card.  When I am done with my explanation the person-on-the-other-end says, "So, would you like to apply for a card over the phone?"  I calmly reply, "Were you listening to a word I just said?"  [This remark makes my husband and 16-year old bust up laughing.]  P-o-t-o-e, "So, would you like to apply for a card?"  Me, still calm but with an edge of irritation, "No...I would like to be removed from your mailing list."  p-o-t-o-e said, "Have you applied for a card?"  Me, "Yes, but as I mentioned, according to your rules I am not eligible.  I would like to be removed from your mailing list." P-o-t-o-e, "Can I have your application number?"  Me, as though I am speaking to a small child, "I shredded the application because I no longer need it because I was denied."  P-o-t-o-e, "Can I have your name and address?"  I comply.  P-o-t-o-e, "It says here that your application was denied because your Social Security Number could not be verified."  Me, now on the verge of laughter, "It could be verified, just not photo-copied and mailed.  Could I please be removed from your mailing list."  P-o-t-o-e, "To be removed from mailing lists you need to call a different department.  Do you have a pencil?"

How old are you?
11-year old was in bed, 16-year old was in their room getting clothes ready for the next day.  11-year old sleepily said, "Would you go about that hurriedly please?"
the difficulty (and humor) of communication
     A friend asked how 16-year old was doing with his concussion.  He said, "Well, I'm having an MRI tomorrow." At the same time I was saying, "This weekend he saw the light..."  My friend gasped and said to 16-year old, "How scary!"  She wasn't talking about the MRI, she was talking about the light.  My complete statement was going to be, "This weekend he saw the light and recognized the importance of rest."  She thought I was saying that he had had a near death experience.
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     One neighbor has a stuffed turkey in their yard.  Another neighbor has a plaster pig on her porch.  The neighbor with the pig said, "This way you know where to go for Thanksgiving dinner.  My house if you want ham.  Their house if you want turkey."



How's that again?
     Husband and I were not home.  16-year, already suffering a concussion from soccer, slipped and hit his head on his bedframe.  11-year old (who had a concussion after hitting his head on the ice while ice-skating this August) tried, unsuccessfully, to reach us by phone.  Following is the account 16-year old gave me the next morning:
     "11-year old would not let me sleep.  He kept poking me and talking to me.  He said that I needed to wait for dad to come home and check me out.  I decided to take a shower but 11-year old was afraid I would slip again and wouldn't let me shower either."
    I asked, "How could an 11-year old keep you from showering?"  16-year old replied, "He sat on the lid of the toilet and pulled funny faces while staring at me."
     I was impressed and amused by 11-year old's clear thinking and ingenuity.  I e-mailed my dad and brother to tell them.  The next day I told a friend while we were walking.  That afternoon I told 16-year old that others were as amused as I by 11-year old's no-shower tactic.  16-year old said, "Mom, that's why I shouldn't tell you things."  I asked, "Why not? It was funny."  16-year old said, "I know it's funny, that's why I said it - it's not what happened though, I made it up.  11-year old simply asked me not to shower in case I slipped again and I said, 'OK'." 

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