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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell

but, what is your real opinion?
     J is temporarily working at a peach orchard.  The owner of the orchard called today to tell me my Alberta order was ready to be picked up.  I requested he deduct the cost of the peaches from J's pay, stating I would pay J back when he brought the peaches home.
     I was out getting my haircut when J came home.  The first thing I asked when I came back was, "J, did you mind what I did?"  He looked at me a little disconcerted and said, "Did I mind what?  Your new haircut?"  C looked at me, put his hand up to block the view and said, "That's just bad mom."  Simultaneously B, looking a little startled, asked, "Why would you even do that?" 
     I have a new stylist.  After cutting my hair she styled it with nut oil and a flat iron.  The boys had never seen me with straight hair.  Apparently for good reason, I looked like I had a pin-head.  Fortunately nothing a spray bottle couldn't fix.
the suprise, not the bug
     Talking on the phone, pulling morning glory from garden bed.  Finished with call.  Walking hallway, hand on skirt.  Big, rough, crawly thing under hand.  Scream.  Three boys come running.  Three boys think I am hurt.  Three boys see large preying mantis.  One mom getting no sympathy (though she did get assistance getting the mantis back where it belongs).

     "...when conversing we don't usually reconsider as much and/or edit as much as when writing." [GRSJR]
     Sometimes I would like to reconsider/edit more when conversing.  Sometimes I would like to reconsider/edit less when writing.  Often I can "reconsider" a letter or post out of existence.  19 incomplete posts are sitting in my box waiting to be either finished or deleted.  The following leaves 18 incomplete.

(August, 2014)

     12-year old B has energy.. lots of energy... lots and lots of energy.  He is either outside playing some type of ball or riding some type of wheeled contraption or he's inside playing some type of board or card game or "riding" a family member.  This morning I had a hard time finding 21-year old J.  I finally found him sitting in a corner of my room texting in the dark.  He said that he needed to make some appointments and was having a hard time getting anything done with B pestering him.  I told him that B and C were in the back room playing Wii.  He asked if I was sure B was occupied.  Wii time is limited in our home, I was pretty certain B would take all the time he was allowed.  Relieved J left my room and lay on the living room floor to finish scheduling.  Within minutes 16-year old C came into the living room, laid on the floor next to J and started gently poking the tip of J's nose.  J kept on texting as though C were not even there.  It made me laugh.  B came in to see why I was laughing, saw J and said, "I've been wondering where you were!"
     What can J expect.  B and C have two years of brother love to make up. 
     I was correct - readjusting to a family of 5 requires serving with love and keeping busy...and patience and understanding... and time.  J was used to being on his own.  C was used to being  the big brother.  B was used to having the bulk of C's attention.  J was used to B being 10.  B was used to being treated like he is 12.  Add: Uunpacking from B and I being gone for a month.  Unpacking from J being gone for two years.  Packing and then unpacking for a 4 day Pioneer Trek B, J and I went on the day after arriving back to Oregon.  Paper, yard and house work.  Job hunting.  Car shopping.  School decisions............. Slowly we're starting to meld back together
     Saturday evening B and I went for a bike ride.  On the way home B saw C and J playing soccer in the dusky distance.  B joined the game, I watched.  C accidentally kicked the ball into a tree.  Each taking B by one leg, J and C supported B while he reached into the branches and got the ball.  As C and B ran off with the ball J asked what I was smiling about.  I said, "It's just nice watching brothers, all three of them."  J shrugged with a smile, "Yeah, it's incomplete with just two," and then he ran off to join the others.       

     Our family would be incomplete with just two.  I am grateful for the gift of family, both while on earth and eternally.


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