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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell

     "...when conversing we don't usually reconsider as much and/or edit as much as when writing." [GRSJR]
     Sometimes I would like to reconsider/edit more when conversing.  Sometimes I would like to reconsider/edit less when writing.  Often I can "reconsider" a letter or post out of existence.  19 incomplete posts are sitting in my box waiting to be either finished or deleted.  The following leaves 18 incomplete.

(August, 2014)

     12-year old B has energy.. lots of energy... lots and lots of energy.  He is either outside playing some type of ball or riding some type of wheeled contraption or he's inside playing some type of board or card game or "riding" a family member.  This morning I had a hard time finding 21-year old J.  I finally found him sitting in a corner of my room texting in the dark.  He said that he needed to make some appointments and was having a hard time getting anything done with B pestering him.  I told him that B and C were in the back room playing Wii.  He asked if I was sure B was occupied.  Wii time is limited in our home, I was pretty certain B would take all the time he was allowed.  Relieved J left my room and lay on the living room floor to finish scheduling.  Within minutes 16-year old C came into the living room, laid on the floor next to J and started gently poking the tip of J's nose.  J kept on texting as though C were not even there.  It made me laugh.  B came in to see why I was laughing, saw J and said, "I've been wondering where you were!"
     What can J expect.  B and C have two years of brother love to make up. 
Weight Lifting
     "How was your day?"  17-year C old asked.
     "Not my favorite."  I replied.
     "What happened?"  Inquired C.
      I listed, "It seemed the phone rang non-stop all day with needs I was not much help with.  I had to reschedule a number of commitments and I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever after being home all week." [13-year old B had been running a fever since Saturday.  He was mostly better today, but we stayed in for good measure.]
     "So," C began, "It sounds like you're feeling frustrated about having to rearrange your schedule and that it has been difficult for you to be cooped up in the house all week and..."
     I didn't hear all that he said because I was laughing way too hard.  Confused, C asked what was so funny.  Still laughing I stated that he must have learned about validating emotions in his Healthy Relationships class.  He agreed that he had and then, still looking confused said, "But laughter is not the reaction I was told to expect."  Still humored I asked what reaction that would be.  He said that his teacher said that by him validating my emotions I would feel as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and that I would be relieved to feel understood.  I told him that laughing was a relief.  He shook his head and said, "Still, not what I was expecting."
     When I was little I loved reading "Li'l Abner" in the comic section of the newspaper.  One Sunday a make-up salesman came and sold a "make-over" to Daisy Mae.  I could not imagine how Daisy Mae could possible be made any prettier - thus why it was in the funnies.  It's the same with C.  Sweet as his intent was, it was humorous seeing him trying to improve something he is already really good at.  It made sense when I explained it to him, but... he's still going to tell his teacher I laughed at him.

A job worth doing, is worth doing well (well, almost well))

     When we were newlyweds my husband asked me why I always left the broom leaning against the wall with a pile of sweepings waiting to be swept into a dustpan.  I replied that it was probably the same reason he always left one dish in the drainer when he was drying dishes.  He was not aware he left a dish.  I was not aware I left the broom and sweepings.
     Tonight, after everyone was in bed, I went into the kitchen for a glass of water.  There on the counter was the drainer with a dish towel sitting on one lone dish.  It made laugh.  After almost 28 years my husband still leaves one dish.  In all fairness, after 28 years I probably still leave a broom and sweepings. 

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