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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell

lesson learned
My final final is over and I come away from the quarter better educated, academically and personally. I have always loved school. It was always my plan to go back "when the kids are older." J is 22, C is 17 and B is 13 - "older enough" I thought. I learned I was wrong - at least for the school I am currently attending where upper division classes are mostly offered afternoons and evenings. This past quarter I was not home Mondays and Fridays when B came home from school. I was home, but tutoring math, when he came home Wednesdays and Thursdays. I would greet him and then go back to my math student. I could, and did, easily justify my schedule. One evening in my Monday class the professor said something about one of the most important things for a child is the expression s/he is greeted with upon coming home. My heart was pricked a little, but then I re-justified my schedule. "This is the only time this class is offered and it is a class I need." "I try not to do homework when the kids are home." "I stop what I am doing when the kids need me." "The kids I am tutoring need the help," and for some reason in my mind the fact that I don't charge for tutoring made the scheduling okay. The justifications were many and broad. When I looked past my reasonings and really looked at my 13 year old son, I saw the sadness he was trying to hold in. I knew my justifications were just that - justifications. It was time I reassess my priorities. I had a conversation with God. I know that if I want a good look into my heart He is the one to ask - He knows, much better than I what is truth. I had a conversation with my husband - my choices affect him as much as they affect me. I had a conversation with my sweet, hurting son. No school this summer. One class this Fall, if I am home before the boys' school is out. Tutoring after-school-hours no more than two hours a day, two days a week (B recognizes the need). I am happy with the plan. My husband is happy with the plan. B is happy with the plan. I have always loved school. It is my plan to go back...when the kids are older.
Little Engineer
I helped in our church nursery today. A little two year old girl had silent tears running down her cheeks. I went over and put her in my lap. While she was there a little one year old boy brought me one of the old fashioned Fisher Price toys that has the animals that pop up when you press a button or turn a wheel or pull a lever or flip a switch. One of the things wouldn’t pop up and the boy wanted me to help him. I tried the switch a couple times. I tried loosening the thing that should pop up with my fingers. I tried tapping the toy while it was turned upside down. Nothing. I told the boy, “I guess it’s broken.” After he left the little girl started playing with the toy. She flipped the switch and up popped the farmer – first try. She played with it for about five minutes. All but once the farmer popped up on her first try. The one time it didn’t she tried a couple of times, flipped it over, looked at the back, flipped it back over, tried the switch and up popped the farmer. The girl became interested in a different toy and a three year old boy took the Fisher Price one. He couldn’t make the farmer pop up. He brought it to me. I couldn’t make the farmer pop up. I told the boy that the girl could. He handed it to her, she flipped the switch and up popped the farmer - first try.
well said
     I am writing a paper for my Nonverbal Communication class regarding classifications people make based on appearance.  I wasn't sure if "computer geek" was an offensive term.  To me it's not (after all I term myself a math-nerd) but to others it may be.  I called my husband, who works in computers, and asked him.  He thought the term would be just "okay."  I asked if there was a better term.  He said, "A sophisticated, data-driven individual."  I laughed and then said, "Seriously, is there something better."  He responded, "Computer Science enthusiast."  Yep, that was better.

22-year old J called last night to tell us about the silver, 1999 Honda Civic he just purchased.  He named his last car, a black, 1992 Ford Mustang, "Monster."  I asked if his new car had a name. 
He  responded: "It has an after market muffler."
Me: "What?"
J: "You know, those kits you can buy."
Me: "I'm not following."
J: "They make the car really noisy."
Me: "What question do you think I asked you?"
J: "If my car had a name."
Me: "I'm still not following."
J: "Well the car is little but it makes a big noise, like a lion, so I have to think of a name that matches."

Today I told my husband that I asked J if his car had a name and that J said that it had an after market muffler.  My husband did not seem surprised so I asked if he didn't think it odd that J would respond to that way.  My husband said, "Well, the muffler would change the personality of the car which would affect the name."

Silly me.

Came home to this message (apparently B answered after the machine picked up):
"B?  This is J. Is mom home?"
"She's at school."
"Oh, yeah, I forgot.  Is there any cake left?"
"I'll be home soon."

Don't know if you think it's funny - made me laugh.

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