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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell

memory snapshots
     Tonight almost 19-year old C and 1r-year old B were sitting on the living room floor playing Yu-Gi-Oh.  My husband and I were sitting on the floor close by having a Solitaire race.  C put Pandora on, on his cell phone, and stated singing along while they played.  
     School starts next week for B, college for C a few weeks later.  Time together will be harder come by.  I wanted a snapshot of tonight to put in my memory "photo" box . 

     Snapshots from a Sunday email to dad, my brother and a friend for my box:

A few things that made me laugh today:

     Tonight, in response to what he felt was too many requests for his time, C said, "Genesis 13:9."  I asked what that meant.  He said I would just have to read it, which I did:
     Genesis 13:9 - Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.

     A speaker in church said that his son asked what it meant that he was in the 10th percentile for height.  The dad said that it meant that if the boy were in a room with 100 boys his age he would be taller than 10 of them.  This evening, out of the blue, B said, "You know that speaker today?  Actually he should have said that his son would be taller than 9 of the boys."  I laughed and B laughed.  My husband did not think it was funny at all [neither did Dad when he read  the  email].  Thinking of it still makes me smile.

     This week J, who recently started working at a lodge near the Grand Canyon , was waitor for a family of 6 visiting from England. He practiced his English accent on them, they practiced their American accents on him.  He said it was a lot of fun.  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.

floorboards and blackberries
Sitting out front in the shade sanding floorboards. 
Quiet neighborhood, quiet house. 
Neighbor comes over.
We chat while I sand.
Neighbor leaves, I clear coat boards.
Clear coat dry, floorboards pretty.
I bring a floorboard over to show neighbor.
Neighbor has been picking blackberries and gives me a bowlful.
I point to a blackberry stain on neighbor's shirt pocket.
Neighbor looks in pocket and find's lone blackberry.
We laugh, and laugh and laugh some more.
I take blackberries home and bring back empty bowl.
Neighbor and I sit on her porch and chat.
And laugh.
And chat.
And reminisce.
And laugh.
And talk serious.
And laugh - with neighbor serious can't be the ending note.
Neighbor is 3 decades my senior and getting too old to live alone.
Moving plans are being made.
For now, we have my shade, her porch and summer evenings.

Best Friends
     While in Utah this summer I had the fortune to reconnect with three friends.  My childhood best friend whom I had not seen for five years, my young motherhood best friend whom I had not seen for about 10 years and my high school best friend whom I had not seen for over 25 years.  I sat down to write about my high school friend, and will someday because she is hilarious, but as I wrote the title "Best Friends" this picture came to mind:


Not because of how the boys are sitting, though I do think that screams "friends", but because of the shoulder swath and sling my husband is wearing.  The day after my husband arrived in Utah J came down from Idaho to introduce us to his girlfriend.  We had dinner and then went ice-skating.  Within minutes of getting on the ice my husband fell - hard.  His face was white and he felt light headed and nauseous.  I helped him to the side and sat with him until he regained color and felt more stable.  I asked if he wanted me to take him to immediate care but he did not want to "spoil the evening".  I helped him take off his skates and then he watched from the bleachers while the rest of us skated.  The next day we went in for x-rays.  There were no breaks and his shoulder was in place but there was evidence that it had dislocated.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, he's had prior experience in that area.  He was given a swath and sling and told to see an orthopedist once back in Oregon.  That was Saturday.  We had cabin reservations for Capitol Reef for Monday.  I asked if we should cancel the reservations but again my husband did not want to "spoil things" for everyone else. 
     Growing up my family spent many happy summers at Capitol Reef.  I still have occasional dreams of hiking there, one hike - Cohab Canyon - in particular.  Cohab Canyon trail starts as an unshaded, switchback trail up a steep hill.  Once in the canyon the trail levels out and is shady but getting there is a little rough.  The boys were not too enthusiastic at the prospect of this hike and opted to skip out.  My husband, however, was willing and ready - swath, sling and all.


     We are home now.  Dan has seen an orthopedist and is scheduled for an MRI.  He came home from work the other day to find most of the furnishings of the boys' room sitting in the living room.  B is gone for the week.  It was my chance to do badly needed painting on his side of the room.  Dan felt bad I had moved the furniture myself, I would have felt worse if he had of helped.  I felt bad Dan was hiking injured in the heat of the day, he would have felt worse if I missed my dream hike.  Watching out for one another - it's what best friends do.

     14-year old B is on a 6 day back-country back packing trip.  Before he left he asked if I would save the comics from the newspaper for him.  His request brought a smile and a happy memory.
     Growing up we got the evening paper.  If any of us kids were going out for the evening we would ask that the funny section be saved.  If there was dessert that evening the person going out would ask that some dessert be saved as well.   When my youngest brother left for a 2-year church mission he said good-bye by jokingly asking us to save the funnies.  Dad replied, "We'll save dessert too."

     18-year old C and two of his classmates were nominated as U.S. Presidential candidates in his High School government class.  Today each of the three were to give a speech outlining his/her platform and then field questions from the class.  C did not feel well last night and went to bed early.  He did not feel any better this morning and asked me to call him in sick.  He then asked if it would be okay for 14-year old B to be proxy in giving the speech and fielding questions from the class.  B was okay with it.  The Middle School was okay with excusing him for the necessary time frame.  The High School government teacher, after initial surprise, liked the idea.  It was a go.  B read over the speech, asking for clarification where needed, and then C started coaching him on possible class questions.  The phone rang, it was the High School teacher calling to tell us one of the other candidates was also absent, the presentation was postponed until Monday.  B, C and I were all a little disappointed.  It would have been interesting to see how it would have played out.


     Update on the broken wrist:  Saturday Immediate Care put B in a temporary splint and told us to make an appointment at a Sports Clinic where, according to Immediate Care, B would likely get a removable cast to wear for 2 or 3 weeks.  We saw the sports doctor today.  He put B in a non-removable elbow cast, mid-way up his upper arm, with the possibility (but no guarantee) of having it replaced by a shorter cast in 2 weeks.  B's 4x1 team is qualified for Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions to be held 26May.  The doctor said that if B is in a shorter cast at the time of the meet he can participate, otherwise his alternate will need to run the relay.  Until that time there is to be no running whatsoever.
     In the truck, headed back to school, B said, "If I get the shorter cast I'm going to ask for a time-trial before the meet.  If my two weeks of not running has made me slower than my alternate, he should run the relay."  True team spirit.


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