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Look carefully...at the seemingly small moments...in the constant shaping of souls.- Neal A.Maxwell

all does not always equal all
5:02 a.m., Deputies responded to an assistance call and spoke with a 74-year-old man who had called 911 to report that his 21-year-old caregiver did not make the man's french fries quickly enough.  The man later agreed that, even though he was upset, it was not a police matter.  The man said he would eat the french fries as soon as they were ready.


If the child is permitted to spend his all on himself, that spirit of selfishness may continue with him to his grave. (Pres. Spencer W. Kimball, Advice to a Young Man: Now Is the Time to Prepare)


     ".....Rep. Elijah Cummings...all but told Shkreli to wipe the smile off his face,...
     "'I know you are smiling, but I am very serious sir,' Cummings said, 'I truly believe you can become a force of tremendous good.  All I ask is that you reflect on it.  No, I don't ask, I beg that you reflect on it.'...
     "The former hedge fund manager...has been reviled in recent months for buying Daraprim, the only approved drug for a rare and sometimes deadly parasitic infection, and unapologetically raising its price more than fiftyfold.
     "Shkreli is out on $5 million bail after being arrested in New York in December on securities-fraud charges unrelated to the prince increase...
     "Shkreli,...was dismissed less than an hour into the hearing...
     "Minutes after he left - and even before the hearing had ended - Shkreli thumbed his nose at the committee.
     "'Hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government,' the foremer CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals tweeted....
     "Shkreli calls himself 'the world's most eligible bachelor' and 'the most successful Albanian to ever walk the face of this Earth.'"
(Marcy Gordon, AP Business Writer)


Thanks, Chris, for telling me that:). Yes, we have boys who have high standards and strength to uphold them. Even though they each do it on their own, it is nice that they recognize that there are a couple other peers who stand by what they feel is right.  

On Feb 4, 2016, at 11:52 PM, Chris wrote:

B was telling me about a classmate muttering colorful language after being given a detention.  I expressed surprise because the classmate is a really good boy.  B said that everyone uses bad language.  I named a couple of girls and asked if they did.  He said "Well all the boys do."  I asked if E did.  B gave me a "Don't be ridiculous" look and shook his head no.

Thank you for raising a son who maintains his standards and doesn't bow to peer pressure.  He is a great kid.  


I read each of the above in the same morning.  They are interwoven in my mind. Though not what was written, I read "the burden" rather than "the spirit of selfishness."  Selfishness is not strength.  Selfishness can not stand on its own.  Selfishness can never lead to independence.   

Not allowing a child to spend his all (energy/time/thought/finances) only on himself fosters growth, strength, independence and the abililty to stand on one's own. 
not through birth but by adoption
You may be an Oregonian if a drizzly Saturday finds you out pruning trees to the sounds of lawnmowers and bouncing basketballs.
     Short notice invitation for friends to come and sing Christmas carols.
     Four batches of cookies made.  Boys stirring while I add ingredients.
     Boys take out garbage/recycle, I scrub floors.
     House ready,  refreshments set.
     14-year old flying remote control helicopter.
     I round a corner one direction, helicopter rounds same corner, different direction.
     Company due to arrive soon, helicopter stuck in my hair.
     14-year old apologizes, profusely. 
     14-year old works on untangling mess.
     14-year old calls for help. 
     Spouse and 17-year come. 
     Spouse says looks like my hair will have to be cut. 
     17-year old says, looks like 14-year old will have to get a new helicopter.
     14-year old looks like he thinks 17-year old is correct.
     I head to a mirror.
     Hair pulling - no cutting, on my part.  Helicopter disassembling - no breaking, on 14-year old's part.
     Total damage: small snarl of hair in the garbage and a story for spouse to tell when friends arrive.

If you want the truth, trust a 3-year old to give it to you
     I was about 12 years old, singing camp songs while pushing a 3-year old on a swing.  "What are you doing?"  asked the 3-year old.  "Singing," I replied.  "Well, don't!" exclaimed the 3-year old.  And I didn't for a long, long time.  When J was born I started singing, just to him.  One day 3-year old J called me into his room.  With excitement he said, pointing to his little tape-player, "Hear that lady? She has a pretty singing voice."  Sigh... I still sang to J though, and then to C when he was born.  And then 3-year old C stopped me when I was singing to him and sweetly said, "Mom?  I like when dad sings."  Double sigh... I still sang to J and C, but no one else at least not until B was born.  I was spared any commentary from 3-year old B, but I still would not sing in front of others. 
     To me music is magic.  It is balm to the soul.  Peace in the home.  Happiness to the heart.  I started voice lessons.  I joined the church choir, I was in the cast of a musical production, I even sang solos at voice recitals. But still, the innocent appraisals of three 3-year olds left lingering shyness in me.  And then in the church nursery today, a fussy toddler climbed off the lap he was sitting on and into mine when singing time started.  He settled in and leaned against my arm as I sang. When song time was over he stayed in my lap for a few more minutes before joining the others for snack time.  Another sigh, but this time it's a contented one.

signs of the age
     "I'm no scientist but I know science when I see it."
     "I may be Bill Nye because I have my ion you."
     "Do you mind if I follow you home?  My mom said to follow my dreams."
     ..... The list goes on and on.  13-year old has been collecting clean pick-up lines.  He writes one a day and gives it to a girl friend (he is sure to clarify not girlfriend) at school - often she writes one back. 
     Yesterday he was quite humored when he came home from school.  They were learning about sine, cosine and tangent of x in math that day.  He passed a note to his friend, "You must be x because I want to know your sine."

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