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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

I'm back!
After months off line, I now have a laptop computer. I spent the summer camping out in my neighbor's woods about a half mile from my farm. This allowed me to continue farming over the summer and into the fall. My broody hens hatched many chix and I have sold many pullets. The cockerels are gone into freezerland along with Napoleon, my Dominique rooster. He wasn't well and needed to be replaced. At this time, I am culling hens every two weeks. Those non-layers are going and I will probably finish up with my flock culling in a month or so. The hardest part of this is finding a kitchen I can sort and bag the dressed birds for the freezer.

I am grateful that my neighbor is overly kind and has allowed me to park my NEW camper in his yard, hook up to his electric and Wi Fi. I am settling in. BB the dog is getting used to the camper, he likes it better than camping in the tent.

I am off to clean some tar off my storage camper roof so I can caulk some leaks!

Glad to be back online!