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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

November 2015
It has been awhile since I wrote on this blog. I don't have internet now, so I have to go out to find a connection. There are a lot of things to read, assess and return. I just don't think to write anything in the blog. Not that anyone is reading it, seems there aren't any comments. I have adjusted well to my new living space. The gal who owns the property is very easy going. We work on projects around her place, believe me, she has a bunch to do! Bad tenants have made a mess of both of her places. I have been helping her with her furnace in her mobile home. It is the same as the one I had in my trailer (or at least the trailer I thought was mine) and I have extensive knowledge on how work on it. I have pulled out her burner, cleaned and replaced the burner tip, replaced the blast tube, but it seems the blast tube I was given doesn't fit in just right...so I am waiting for another burner from my friend Brian. I pulled out the squirrel cage (this circulates the heated air after it has been warmed by the furnace, it was pretty dirty and rusty. After wire brushing it, a coat of rusty metal paint made it almost good as new. Oiling the cam will extend the life of the motor. I washed all the parts before putting it back together. Next, I will re-line the combustion chamber bottom as the lining has burned out from bad burner tip adjustment. The other day, I discovered one of the vents had been pushed all out and now the heat just blows to the outside of the trailer. Two boys slept in that room and I bet they are responsible for this hard-to-fix damage. I will reinstall the squirrel cage and then address the damaged vent.

I have sold all but 6 of my chickens. I still have Muscovy ducks. They have been molting and growing out new flight feathers. I keep the flight feathers clipped to contain them inside the fenced area. The other evening, one of the black & white ones flew to the top of the garage roof. Obviously, she had grown out her new flight feathers. She has not showed up since. I figure the Great Horned Owl had a nice meal that night.

Well, I will sign off for tonight. I hope all of  you have a great Thanksgiving.