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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

January 5, 2017
I did update this blog the other day, but forgot to click on all the buttons/spaces before "Adding Post" and it was wiped out.

So, I will fill in the blanks. New Year's Eve was quiet. I spent the evening at Dean's. I thought he might go off to his aunt & uncles, but his uncle had been sick, didn't need any company. I went off to bed right after midnight and slept well. New Year's day, Dean worked on washer leveling the washer. Seems the wrong breaker was purchased, so no electric outlet just yet. I did little, back was acting up. Temps were moderate. Monday, the right breaker was brought, installed. Washer was leveled & ready for action. I waited for the dryer since it was to be on top of the washer (stacked). That afternoon, the dryer vent was hooked up & vented through a window. Tuesday I washed the first load of clothes without incident. I was worried the washer had frozen during the nights when temps went down to 8 degrees, but seems all is OK. I had made some "home made" laundry detergent out of Fels Naptha bar soap, washing soda and Borax. It turned into a gel, but seems to work very well to clean clothes (I don't like using bleach since it is very bad for the environment). I am so happy to be able to wear clean sox every day after rotating them for two years!!!

I hope Dean will work on my car today, we are expecting snow and my snow tires have been ready to put on for over 2 weeks now. Also, the starting problem has not been fixed, I have the parts, over $400.00 worth. I will take the car to my guy in Rochester if the parts aren't installed by end of next week. I am happy to pay to have the work done but I need it done!

My back hasn't been great lately, so I am not walking as much as I need to. BB is bored and he lets me know he wants a walk. I try to get it done earlier in the day so I am not "walked out" and in pain. I am still resisting taking many Perks (have had one half in the past two weeks) since I have some unhappy side effects.

I realize I have to complete the narrative I started a few months ago and will get to it soon. Meanwhile, I am hoping I might find some part-time work with Baystate Organic Certifiers if they are hiring. It will all be paperwork, but that will suit me just fine.

Going to get out & washing some clothes since the sun is out & the wind is up. Good drying day.