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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

January 2016 snow
Yesterday brought some snow in the AM. I measured 5" on my car roof, that would be pretty accurate since there was no wind to blow the snow. Around here, everyone was in "high anxiety" mode since this is the southern coastal area of MA and most don't know how to cope with snow. On Thursday, the part was installed in my Volvo and as predicted, the starting problem went away and the car runs much smoother. The 4 studded snow tires were put on the Volvo, ending my anxiety about the balding summer tires on the car. I will have to buy new summer tires before the warm weather comes since the tread is gone on them. But that is just fine, I was prepared to look at this situation. However, it was discovered that I have a bad outer ball joint or tie rod gone bad and will need another.

By yesterday noon, the snow had stopped coming down. Dean ran the snowblower around to create some paths and Lucas did some plowing in the yard. The sun came out late in the day and it was clear and chilly last night. This AM it was 21 degrees and cloudy. By 10 AM, snow began to lightly fall. It is predicted that this area may lay claim to 10 - 12" of new snow. The cold will come for a few days with temps in the single numbers on Sunday and Monday. By Wednesday, the temps will reach well into the high 40's and it will rain. Hopefully, the snow will melt before the temps drop and create an ice skating rink in our area. I have a stash of clean wood ashes for icy conditions.

Yesterday, I laid low most of the day, took a shower & laid a new piece of rug by Dean's front door to collect the snow that migrates inside on boots & shoes.

Dean's plumber friend's mother died earlier this week. Dean went to the wake yesterday afternoon. While he was gone, I went shopping for some supper veggies and bread. Sad to say, I couldn't find the bread that Stop & Shop normally carries, maybe they aren't carrying it anymore, I am not sure. I bought a poor substitute but at least there is bread for the snowy days ahead.

On Thursday, I took a trip to Wareham, about 10 miles down route 6, then stopped to visit my friend Pat. I hadn't seen her since summer, had some time and decided it would be a good thing to see her. She is good as can be expected with her health issues. On the way to see her, my car stopped giving heat. The temp gage went towards the red zone...second time this has happened. Within a few minutes, the gage went back to normal. But this is a sign something isn't right...and when I checked the fluid level, the coolant reservoir was empty. On my trip to the market (yesterday evening), I picked up two gallons of coolant, filled the reservoir and heat presented itself. I have a coolant leak somewhere. I suspect the water pump...but will wait for a more definite diagnosis. Since I have all new coolant hoses, there are few things that could be leaking. Maybe the radiator? Car doctors are needed for this one. 

No washing of clothes yesterday, I am trying to regulate the heat in the small room where the washer is set up. There is no heat source in that room, I fear the washer & water pipes may freeze. I brought my electric heater in for some warming. It was my mother's heater, a ceramic type similar to the EdenPure sold. It has a thermostat and can be set to come on for low heating temps. I set it at 40 degrees right close to the water pipes and back of the washing machine. So far, so good.

I am  not having much success with the new remote thermometer I bought for that room. It is not registering the heater adding heat to that area. Today, I hope to resolve this situation.

Snow is now falling at an alarming rate, so I have to go now.

If there is anyone reading, please let me know...