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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

2016 more snow!
Saturday brought about 11" of snow on top of the 5" from Friday. The storm started delivering snow about 10 AM and continued with heavy accumulations till about 8 PM. Winds were drifting the light snow, some of the drifts were above my knees. Earlier Saturday, I went to storage to get my snow shoes in case I needed them. But they are unused this season...so far. By Wednesday, temps will be in the 50's and it will begin to rain Tuesday afternoon. The town highway departments are busy clearing out the storm drains on streets of all the plowed snow so the coming rain and melting will have somewhere to go. Should be a real mess!

Sunday was clear skies and very cold temps. 9 degrees at dawn. Mid-day, I went out to shovel off the camper roof & clear by my entryway. I swept off the Volvo. Brought in wood since there was only one or two sticks left in the entryway. After that, I took a nap! Dean worked with the snowblower to make some dog & kitty paths back and forth between the buildings. The snowblower started to choke out, so he quit. He plans to investigate the carburetor, he thinks the problem lies there.

One of the cable networks ran a "Rocky" marathon, running the original "Rocky" right through "Rocky V". I watched the first III and part of IV before I gave out. When I headed back to the camper, the moon was bright, the stars were twinkling and the temp was very cold.

Today, sun is out but by noon, there was (what I call) a milky sky...overcast. I dug the Volvo out of the drifts, started it up and moved it. I am letting it run for a bit. There is a coolant leak somewhere in the system. I hope the leak may present itself when (if?) it drips onto the snow. Since there is a new water pump and all new hoses, my feeling is the leak is either from a loose hose clamp or the radiator. We shall see.

BB is in the car waiting for me to take him for a walk today. So I shall close for now.

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