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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

January 2016 snow melt
All the snow that fell has melted. Last evening, the winds came up and the rain came down. This morning, I noticed my camper fridge was defrosting. It is quite possible my fridge has given out. Sigh...more camper problems.

Recently, I suffered a fall while walking BB the dog on the top of the storm surge wall. This is a barrier composed of dirt covered with enormous rocks, some the size of cars. The top is remarkably flat and level and I like to walk the top (it is probably 25 feet tall) one way and take the bike path (blacktop) back to the parked car. For the first time, I let BB off the leash while we walked the top of the barrier. On occasion, there is some poop from other animals. On that day, there was coyote droppings. BB was very interested in sniffing...and this is how he might contract worms (in the form of eggs). I turned to reprimand him, turned my ankle on an uneven rock, lost my footing. My left leg went between the large stones, I lurched and went down. Left shin was badly bruised, kneecap was bumped pretty hard. I actually was concerned I might not be able to get up...and checked to see I had my phone with me. I was able to extract my leg from between the rocks and finish the walk without too much problem.

When I got back from the walk, I checked my bruised leg. The bump on my shin was sizeable with a small area of broken skin. I am certain wearing my gaitors over my pants protected my shin from a more severe injury. I iced & applied arnica to both my shin & kneecap, which wasn't sore at that time. Of course, the next morning, there was some swelling to my kneecap but no bruising. The shin was very swollen and bruised. I continued to apply arnica for the next several days. Today, there is little swelling on the shin, the kneecap is just fine.

I have been unable to motivate myself to addressing my storage areas. The temps have been in the 20's some days, other days warmer but very damp and rainy. Since Saturday, the weather has been cloudy & damp, the past 15 hours or so, it has been rainy with very high winds, gusts up to 50 mph. By Wednesday, it should clear & be in the 50's. Some winter...but I am not complaining after the winter of 2015 when we had snow almost every day after late January into February with very cold temps. A second mild winter may affect the fruit trees, but since I am no longer a farmer and never grew any fruit trees, I am not complaining.

Still, living here at Dean's is so much better than the past two years! Having a washing machine here, not having to carry water some 100+ feet, having access to a real kitchen, a bathroom and not having to stay inside the camper all the time is so great! I am eating much better now and actually showered twice in one week vs. showering every month (or three). Cooking real meals rather than eating PBJ sandwiches three times a day is superb. Yesterday, I made a soup from chicken stock (I boiled a bunch of chicken & turkey bones I had frozen from meals), carrots, onions & Black Beluga Lentils. It was so good I actually made some biscuits! I took the pot of soup out to the shop where there was a crowd of people hanging/working in Dean's shop. Poor Dean, he had so many people out there, he couldn't move to work. Several folks came by with their projects and Dean has to stay on top of that as well as package up items he has sold on Ebay and get to the post office to mail them. By the end of yesterday, he was exasperated, saying he ran a Day Care for adults. I stayed indoors, keeping the wood stove going, not easy with high winds and temps in the 40's.

I have not taken BB for a walk since my fall on the rocks and he is bored out of his gourd. But I did get his haircut done last week and he is happier for it. He still needs a bath and I can take him to Hollis' for that as soon as she recovers from her surgery.

Recently, I rec'd a check for over $300.00 from the commissioner for the sale of the property, bringing my total to over $6,500.00. Still, a paltry amount considering 20 years of my life and a substantial amount of $$ was invested in that fiasco. Again, my real revenge is the fat man has to live in a trailer he refused to fix (for over 10 years) and had a leaky roof. I can only imagine his discomfort and rage at that. Revenge is sweet, if only served cold.

I guess I need to get my laundry put away, remove my food from the fridge and start my day. Windy outside, I am sure my camper door will blow out of my hand when I open it to exit. BB will be unhappy it is raining, but he needs to do his business.

If anyone is reading, please let me know. Thanks.