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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Things I may have forgotten
I may have forgotten some things in the order they happened. So, please bear with me as I just add them to the trip info.

Ten days after Angel escaped and was hit on the highway in Norman. OK, I removed her stitches. She was super during the process, laying on her back with her legs spread so I could cut the stitches. I removed the stitches in two steps, the edges of the cut first and the middle of the cut a few days later. A sat on the bed close to Angel's head and offered support. My ability to safely remove Angel's stitches saved A probably $300.00. The fact that I discovered the cut in the first place probably saved Angel's life. A, of course, made little of my abilities in the healing department.

One morning I took a shower and washed my hair (which is below shoulder length and always kept in two braids). When we left the motel room, my hair was still wet. I don't comb or brush my hair until it is completely dry, so I brought my comb and brush for later braiding.  A was driving that morning. I sat next to her in the front seat and after my hair dried, I brushed and braided my hair. I set the comb and brush on the dashboard. The brush is bright green. 

We stopped for a dog walk in a park. I went off with BB the dog, A took Angel for the normal short stroll, when I returned to the car with BB the dog, A was using my hairbrush on Angel! 

When I commented that she was using my hairbrush, she said it was the dog brush! I will say the dog brush (which was mine since A didn't bring any grooming tools for her dog) was similar to my personal brush, however the dog brush had two sides for grooming and was black, not green. One more time A didn't pay attention to her surroundings....or what she was doing!