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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Life in general
The days fly by now, still trying to clear out my Summer Street storage garage. On Friday, Bonnie and I were again there, moving the few things out to the camper. I am not going to sell my small apartment size dryer, so this coming week, I hope to get it into the Volvo and take it to the recycling place. I will get little $$ for it, but it must go.

The owner of the storage property has not managed to move the tenant's dead car out of the driveway or at least back further to ease my moving. The walk from the storage garage to the car is almost 100 feet, carrying items to the car has driven inflammation into my hip bone and I am in bed, resting for the past two days. I will attempt to move the boxes that need to be recycled out and vacuum the space tomorrow. Then I will need to find someone who can help me carry the dryer to the car. That will finish up my work there.

Last week I took the chest of drawers outside to the courtyard and put the first coat of polyurethane on. I cut the poly 50% with Penetrol and it looks good. Now, for a low-humidity day to take it outside, sand and put on the finish coat. I need to buy some dark green spray paint for the knobs. They are wood by still have the brown stain. I could spend hours trying to sand off the brown stain, but the results would be less than satisfactory. Green paint will do the trick.

I went to the Urgent Care clinic May 24 b/c I had two ticks bites. I was given a Rx for two Doxicyclene for a preventative against Lyme Disease. I had to be careful for several days after taking it since it makes me photosensitive. The bites healed much faster than the bites I got earlier this spring.

BB still needs a clip job, I think I shall knuckle down and get that done today. It is a job and my back always aches from doing it, so I have been procrastinating. But he gets hot with too much hair, so best get down to it.

Weather here is still foggy & rain comes and goes. I am happy for the cool weather, it is easier to manage all the moving when it isn't 80 or 90 degrees!

Thanks for reading this blog!