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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Ticks! Chainsaw & COVID-19
Two weeks on the tick bite antibiotic. Got another bite on Monday, but it was on me for just less than a half hour...and I'm already on tick meds. My Lyme disease test came back negative. But I think I may be one of those who test negative...

I have bad reactions to any vaccinations, so I don't get any. I don't take statins to lower my cholesterol, either. Sometimes, my doctor is frustrated with me over these issues. I stopped getting mammograms, too. Breast cancer doesn't run in my family but exposing myself to extra Xrays seems foolish. All my mammograms have been fine.

The concerns over the death of George Floyd has reached our city. There are peaceful demonstrations on main street corners, cars are blowing their horns in support. The police have been instructed to stay away from protesters, so far, no violence. No rioting or looting, either.

Fireworks are an issue now, many BOOMS!!! are heard each night. The cops are running all around, trying to find the BOOMS! When I took BB the dog out this morning for a walk around the blocks, I found many left-over firework canisters in the street. I am thinking the cops can't see...or don't want to see! Anyone who looked would see the remains of many explosive devices in the street!

Enough of this subject.

On a different channel, my laptop froze twice last night while streaming Amazon TV. This am, I downloaded and installed Spybot and ran the program. Seems I probably had a lot of intruders in my laptop, since things are running faster than they have in a long time. I guess Firefox doesn't keep them out.

I bought a new chainsaw yesterday. My old chainsaw from the late 1980's has bit the dust. Bad gas is the suspected culprit. But I have needed a chainsaw on several occasions. So, now I will have it when I need it. But I have learned a valuable lesson...don't lend your power tools out!

COVID-19 is still on the prowl, but the numbers in Mass are dropping. Not the same for Arizona and some other states that opened earlier. We practice safe distancing and lots of hand washing and sanitizer. BB has no concerns in this area, seems he can sniff what every he wants and stay well!

My neighbor broke her ankle several days ago. She was in surgery for 5 hours and is in extreme pain. Poor woman! The chain on her door had to be cut so they could get her out into the bus. She will have a long recovery and many weeks in rehab before she comes home. I'm going to send her a card at the hospital.

Gota get something done today! Stay safe and well...and thanks for reading!