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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Life in General
September is coming to a close...and Saturn is still chasing Jupiter across the sky. There will be two full moons in October...called a Blue Moon month. December 21 brings a conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and the moon. The "must see" of 2020.

AC was shut off on Sept. 14, no notice to residents. The garden water was shut off, also. This means I have to haul jugs out to water my fall crops!!! Kale, Swiss Chard, spinach & dill, growing nicely but need watering in this drought. We are probably 10 inches below normal rainfall for this summer. The inches are not told on the weather as a total, but as monthly shortages...and flashed quickly off screen! And there is no climate change!!! Fires rage out west, southern states are flooding! What a mess!

It has been pretty warm the past few days after a nice spell of fall-like weather. Temps got down into the mid-40's on one or two nights. Some residents had their heat turned on...and the heat is on in the lobby and hallways!!! So warm for the heat to be on! But seems that the upper management doesn't realize how much energy is wasted with unnecessary heating and cooling. The windows are never opened in the hallways for circulation of fresh air...and that is one thing that the CDC says will help with keeping the virus at bay. No cleaning of door handles anymore...and I know the hand carts are not cleaned regularly anymore.

I called the upper management about why the outside water was shut off when some of us still have active gardens. I first asked the manager of the building, she said it was her bosses boss who said to shut water off...irrigation was shut off, the annual plants are being pulled out and tossed into a dump truck. What a waste! Composting those plants would give us a wonderful soil mixture to add to our gardens in spring. But NO!!! Such wasteful "management"!

So, I called the bosses boss and left a message. He called me when I was in the bank with Sam...setting him up a checking account, so I couldn't answer his call. When I returned his call, his secretary asked me if this was a "complaint", I said it was for a discussion. I got no call from the bosses boss. I'm sure the manager here let him know I wasn't happy about the water shut off for gardens.

So, I fill 7 gallon jugs with water and roll them out in my "old lady" cart to the garden. Thursday, I took 14 gallons of water out. Today, I will take that much and more out. And this is a place for disabled persons! There are more than tomatoes to grow, seems they are not educated at all about rotational planting and don't want to know about it.

I'm not sure what I will do...I have written letters to the management, several months in a row about several things going on here. I don't know if she shows them to her superiors or not...maybe I should print these letters out and send them to upper management? But I fear for retaliatory eviction!!! The money spent on useless things here is just amazing!

Yesterday at about 1:30 pm, I saw this guy Mark...who's mother was a resident until last fall...come into the gate here. I was taking Sam home after another aborted attempt at filing for his stimulus check online...this guy Mark broke the elevator last fall after he got all his mother's stuff out of her apartment (she went to live with her daughter)...and the elevator was not working right for at least six months!!! The building manager said to call the cops if he is seen on the property...but I was dropping Sam off after working online with him...and wasn't going to wait for the cops to show up. This guy Mark was leaving the property when I got back from dropping Sam at his house. Sam lives a few minutes away. I saw the guy Mark counting pills in his hand when he was walking out. I will let the building manager know he was here again. Of course, there aren't enough cameras to follow him to discover who is selling him drugs, so it's pointless...and the manager will say to call the cops...and then wait for them to show up!

Yesterday & today the internet is on and off...right now it's off. Lots of fog this am, but yesterday it was clear and calm. No reason for buffering...and no internet! I think I relayed that the Sprint tower is only .3 miles away from me, but there is an elevated highway between the tower and me...plus the cement building. Right now, there is NO INTERNET!!! I will have to wait till internet comes back before I can send this post.

Friday, Sam and I worked at my client's in Rochester. He planted Vinca, I planted spring bulbs. We both weeded, I found a lot of small poison ivy plants under her suet feeder. I'm sure the birds have deposited seeds from the poison ivy as they are feeding off the suet! We both weeded oxalis and other weeds out of several beds. We discovered a nice stand of Foxglove plants. This year they give off leaves, next summer they will bloom! This will be so exciting!!! The spring bulbs will come up in March under a huge Black Walnut tree, the vinca went into her flower bed, we removed them early this spring and renovated that section of garden. But it was too dry to replant them, so we waited till now. Rain is scarce, so Sam watered heavily before replacing the mulch...and we hope for rain on Wednesday.

Internet is back now, so I will sent this off. Thanks for reading!!!

Life in general
Hot days are leaving and fall weather has come. I'm glad for the change, the drought and heat were extreme this summer. Watering the garden was a chore, I left it for after 5 PM since my garden is in the shade then. I have pulled out the jalapeño peppers and planted some swiss chard and spinach with a late crop of dill. The only parsley available was Italian, which hasn't produced nearly as well as curly leaf parsley. The horseradish has done very well...the leaves are 4 feet high and I have had to prune them back since they shade some of the other plants. The cucumbers did OK, I had to buy in some started cukes b/c insects ate the newly sprouted seeds right to the soil line. I am going to remedy the carbon issue with 40# of greensand which will help the soil absorb and hold water.

I went back to work at my client's last week. It's been too hot and dry to attempt any transplanting. My client has issues with her back and dragging a hose or carrying a watering can is something she can't do every day. The two days Sam and I worked, we cleared out an area about 25X50' of bittersweet vines that had overgrown an area to a height of about 4'. Some of the vines were climbing saplings and were heading for her cable wire. The pile of vines is huge and we will have a lot of burning to do next spring. The area looks so good without all the vines obscuring the ground cover...and the client is very happy with the results.

I took my Volvo for an undercoating job yesterday. The car will be ready today. It's a small price to pay to protect this wonderful car from winter road salt and ocean effects. I know the salt is in the air...I see it on the windows after a foggy night. Soon, I hope to have a new radio installed, it's been several years without tunes or NPR! I have new door pockets to put in, too. I've had the for at least three years, still in the box.

The fires out west have been unreal. Smoke has reached the east coast! We don't have any air quality issues yet, but the sky is milky from upper atmosphere smoke. The night sky is dim.

There is no virus in our building yet. Several other larger housing complexes have closed due to infection. We are lucky. Massachusetts is going back to school, most classes are held outdoors when weather permits. I know the kids are anxious, want to learn but have anxiety about getting sick. I'm not sure the schools in this city are ready for students, at least that's what I heard from a friend who is in the teaching system. We shall see how well the schools are prepared to keep the kids safe...and the staff personnel.

Time to start my day! Thanks for reading!
Summer is winding down

Seems somehow my internet connection to copper.net was hacked on September 3 and some other dates...must be the "excellent" internet service and the bad WiFi unit I had. pcsforpeople finally sent me a replacement unit just recently. Sprint provides the internet service and they were so helpful in setting up the new unit. I discovered where the nearest Sprint tower is. Only .3 miles away, but the elevated highway is between the tower and my residence. I think high-volume traffic as well as 18+ wheelers disturbs the signal, for there are times when the signal is interrupted. Lots of buffering. But the new unit works much better and doesn't overheat while charging...or just on.

Interesting that I had to write a complaint to BBB in their home town to get any response. I put in a complaint in late December, 2019, a phone call as well as an  email. Sprint also put in an incident # to pcsforpeople. Now, if my math is correct, that makes it nine months before any response from pcsforpeople. Of course, their reason for any delays is COVID-19. But December, 2019 was long before this pandemic! Anyway, for my trouble and inconvenience, I was given an extra 90 day subscription for my WiFi.

Then again...pcsforpeople LIED to the BBB...they said they made "multiple attempts to reach me by phone and email" when they called me once...from a phone number NOT associated with their business. And only one email which said the warranty was out and they couldn't do anything...but I could purchase a new unit from them (at a cost of $80.00)!

Interesting to find out Sprint sells the unit to pcsforpeople with a one year warranty...but pcsforpeople has altered that warranty to six months. Sprint says there were many issues with the WiFi unit I had but the newer model didn't have those same issues. The replacement unit is a later model.

I have been busy with multiple projects. My cousin bought a new picnic table from a sawmill in Rochester. We are both familiar with this sawmill, we both lived in Rochester for a long time. The table is rough cut lumber with many splinter possibilities. The first thing we did was soak the legs of the table in wood preservative in coffee cans. Then I sanded all surfaces & rounded off sharp corners. I applied a clear coat of wood preservative. The table came out so nice, my cousin said if her kitchen was big enough, she would put the table inside.

The next step is to cut up her old table and dispose of the wood. It isn't pressure treated, so it could be burned in a wood stove or campfire. It's plenty seasoned...and will burn well. The hardware parts will be cut away and put into the outside pick up. The town picks up every other week...

Then move the new table to the spot where the old table was. Her 150# Rotti will love it! He is such a 2 year old, even tho' he is six. He loves to play, but you have to be careful for he doesn't know his size or strength! My cuz gave him an old kitchen broom and he swings it all over the place. You have to watch him b/c he will hit you with the handle and knock you off your feet! He is such a kid! He has decided he loves me and we get along nicely considering he is a very scary dog...size and breed. He is my cousin's protector.

I did give up two of my vacuums (I collect vacuums...isn't that funny!). Maintenance here will fix and use them in the building. I still have five vacuums...and one that belongs to my neighbor. That one needs cleaning and possibly filters replaced. A hoover, it isn't anything I would buy, but it's what she has. I am the vacuum cleaner cleaner in the apartment complex. Kind of funny, but someone has to do it!

I've been working on an old, oak dining chair. I think it's from the late 1800's. It's wood pegged, no screws. The rungs needed to be re-glued, I took it over to my friend's shop. He has all the nice clamps that I needed to hold and tighten the rungs. We found one leg also needed to be glued to the chair seat. We glued and left it for a week. A good glue, the frame is very sturdy now. The seat was originally caned, so I will have to learn how to cane over this winter. I have a Lincoln Rocker that also needs some caning, so I can work on both at the same time. My mom could cane. She says it's hard on the hands...I will find out how hard this winter.

The unusual comments on my blog have been deleted. Those comments about Lyme disease remain. Thanks for reading!

Time for me to wrap this up for today. It's Labor Day Weekend! Summer was so hot and I'm glad it's on the wane! Enjoy your weekend!