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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Life in general
Hot days are leaving and fall weather has come. I'm glad for the change, the drought and heat were extreme this summer. Watering the garden was a chore, I left it for after 5 PM since my garden is in the shade then. I have pulled out the jalapeƱo peppers and planted some swiss chard and spinach with a late crop of dill. The only parsley available was Italian, which hasn't produced nearly as well as curly leaf parsley. The horseradish has done very well...the leaves are 4 feet high and I have had to prune them back since they shade some of the other plants. The cucumbers did OK, I had to buy in some started cukes b/c insects ate the newly sprouted seeds right to the soil line. I am going to remedy the carbon issue with 40# of greensand which will help the soil absorb and hold water.

I went back to work at my client's last week. It's been too hot and dry to attempt any transplanting. My client has issues with her back and dragging a hose or carrying a watering can is something she can't do every day. The two days Sam and I worked, we cleared out an area about 25X50' of bittersweet vines that had overgrown an area to a height of about 4'. Some of the vines were climbing saplings and were heading for her cable wire. The pile of vines is huge and we will have a lot of burning to do next spring. The area looks so good without all the vines obscuring the ground cover...and the client is very happy with the results.

I took my Volvo for an undercoating job yesterday. The car will be ready today. It's a small price to pay to protect this wonderful car from winter road salt and ocean effects. I know the salt is in the air...I see it on the windows after a foggy night. Soon, I hope to have a new radio installed, it's been several years without tunes or NPR! I have new door pockets to put in, too. I've had the for at least three years, still in the box.

The fires out west have been unreal. Smoke has reached the east coast! We don't have any air quality issues yet, but the sky is milky from upper atmosphere smoke. The night sky is dim.

There is no virus in our building yet. Several other larger housing complexes have closed due to infection. We are lucky. Massachusetts is going back to school, most classes are held outdoors when weather permits. I know the kids are anxious, want to learn but have anxiety about getting sick. I'm not sure the schools in this city are ready for students, at least that's what I heard from a friend who is in the teaching system. We shall see how well the schools are prepared to keep the kids safe...and the staff personnel.

Time to start my day! Thanks for reading!
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