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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Searching for SPAM
I'm checking my comments to see how many spam bots left messages for me...none which I have prompted by using their services or products. I did notice that on the main page at copper.net, there are some strange typing in the headlines. Some look like a foreign language typewriter...so I suspect that any hacking is done by countries across the big pond.

Meanwhile, I have sent several messages to support@copper.net without any response...regarding the excessive spam on my blog comments. I know they got hacked a week or ten days ago, since there was porn on the home page (under the blog setting). That has been cleaned up...but there is still the strange typing in the text and headlines...

We had about 1 1/2 inches of rain on Tuesday. Badly needed, we are still about 9 inches short for the summer. My garden is doing well, happy for the rain! Today, I picked some dill for freezing, catnip for drying and basil for seasoning. Spinach is close to harvesting. Swill chard is growing as is the kale.

Today was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and a very light breeze, temps in the mid 60's.Tomorrow it will be warmer but I think windy. More rain coming on Friday afternoon into Saturday. We need all the rain we can get!!!

Today, the apartment maintenance man continued cutting off the dead branches on the pine trees! There are many pine trees on the grounds. Most are probably 10 - 15 years old. There has been no pruning done on these pine trees (that shade the garden plots) and the lower portion of the trunks support about 4-5 feet of dead branches. The regular landscrapers are such jerks...they haven't cut the dead branches away, even though they have to mow around the trees! They have to get slapped in the face every time they mow! The landscrapers (that's what I call them) always cut live growth from the shrubs and trees...and always incorrectly, but they leave the dead branches on the pine trees! For instance, they use hedge trimmers on the rhodendrons in August. This cuts off all of next spring's buds. All flowering shrubs should be pruned immediately after they are finished blooming...that's when next year's buds are forming. To prune with hedge trimmers in August should be a hanging offense! Last year, in July, just as the hydrangeas were coming into full bloom, they cut off all the blooms. Idiots! These men are seasonal employees, most don't speak English, none are familiar with gardening practices. But they can run the lawnmowers and leaf blowers around! I'm sure they are glad for the work, but the employers are greatly mistaken to call them landscapers! They are just fools with tools! Or maybe just tools?

I'm done writing for today...thanks for reading!
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