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Certified organic poultry farmer in SE Mass

Thanksgiving approaches
As the great day of thanks approaches, I think of the Native Americans day of mourning. HOw can someone discover a nation of people and consider it "theirs"? I am in sympathy with them.

But...I am cooking up a storm for the residents in the apartment complez (just a few of them) who are alone for the day. Many don't cook, many don't have family. We won't eat together since this virus is so prominent in our lives, but come, serve themselves one at a time and take the food home.

So, I bought a 20# turkey (the smallest size that was a fresh, on sale), Brussel sprouts (which I will roast), stuffing...and will bake the Butternut squash from the farmer's market, make a garden special with some veggies that my cousin was given & make a few pies. With the help of these chosen residents, mashed potatoes, roasted Brussel sprouts, from-scratch gravy, fresh cranberry sauce, cooked chestnuts, crescent rolls, a cake my friend is making...and when it's all done, it will be a real feast. I'm not sure what I will do with all the turkey left over!!! except make soup!

I'm still trying to get things done in my apartment as far as posting for sale items online. But I'm not making any progress!

Meanwhile, a candle had an event, it smoked up my dining area and into the kitchen! I spent the better part of a day washing walls, part of the ceiling and all the soot-covered things! What a mess! I almost have it under control now.

So, I am focusing on getting the dining room table ready to serve all this food tomorrow. I will start the turkey baking between 8-9 am for a hopeful come-out-of-the-oven time of about 1-2 PM. All else should be ready by then.

I have been prepping veggies, making pies and cleaning up since yesterday. I did my shopping on Monday morning. Not a lot of crowds early in the AM, I was home by 11:30, considering I was at three markets, that wasn't so bad.

Time for me to get off line and get my day started!

Happy Thanksgiving, sad day of mourning to all who read.
Days are short now
The camper is emptied and sold. I have been able to store my stuff in my cousin's garage. I hope this spring, I can have a street sale (rather than a yard sale) by her house and be relieved of it. I have a nice ceramic space heater that doesn't work for some reason...don't know if I can get it repaired or not...it was my mom's and a good ceramic heater. The collection of stuff involves many different items...another heater is an old but very nice kerosene space heater from the 80's. I used it on several occasions to keep basement pipesĀ  or to in the milk room to keep pipes from freezing when power was knocked out.

I had two squirrel baffles, hand made for me some years ago. Cone-shaped metal, they keep squirrels off your bird feeders. While I was unloading from the camper to my cousin's garage, she was chasing squirrels off her suet feeder. I got one of the squirrel baffles out and put it on the wire that hung the suet feeder. After a day without squirrels on her suet, she asked me to fit the second baffle on her second suet feeder. I was glad to share these with her. I have been dragging them around for six years in hopes that someone would need them! A good trade, my baffles for her garage!

Gardening has taken up time lately. My friend/neighbor was assigned a sunnier garden space adjacent to my space. We turned the soil over with some Azomite (A-Z minerals), then transplanted cold-tolerant greens from her previous garden space to the new space. I transplanted my herbs into her space, then dug up my horseradish...which was growing to China! It was a job to dig it and some roots remain below 16". I hope to sell some of the crowns and roots on CL. I still have to incorporate 44# of green sand into my garden soil and prepare it for winter. I will leave what I have transplanted from my garden into my friend/neighbors garden, I don't think the plants will endure another transplant and survive the winter.

I have work to do at my client's...but suffered two tick bites the last time we were working there. It mus have been when I was in the lilac stand, I have picked up ticks there before. One of the bites was from a Lyme infected tick, so I got antibiotics to treat it just in case. For the first time, this antibiotic is giving my stomach fits. I already know to drink plenty of water and always take with food. But this time, even with food and plenty of water, I have had a lot of pain & nausea...a friend suggested bananas and crackers. So far they are working for me.

As the holidays come around and the election is in contention (only by the donald), COVID-19 has regained a hold on us. Carelessness or virus fatigue it's called. I was tested a week ago and was negative. But it took 4 days for the results! What is one to do while waiting for the results? Quarantine at home? It shouldn't be so hard to create a "spit" test for this virus, don't ya think? Massachusetts is caving under a ton of newly infected patients and setting up the field hospitals again. I am glad to hear that the patients with COVID-19 will be treated and kept in the field hospitals rather than in the hospitals proper. It never made any sense to keep COVID-19 patients in the same hospital as other patients not infected with the virus. Hospital staff have to change clothes between differently affected patients...and seems that isn't the best way to keep people well. The worst must be to have some kind of surgery, then get infected with COVID-19, then rip out stitches while coughing or throwing up! Keep them far apart, these patients!

Early this morning, Stan, our resident astronomer and I went outside to watch the Leonid meteors. I got out my cold-weather clothes...ski pants, leg warmers, long johns, fleece socks, winter boots, turtleneck sweater and my puffer coat with fur-lined hoodie. We met outside where we had a wide view of the sky and were out of the apartment complex lights set up or chairs and waited. It was a bust! I saw 4-5 in two hours...Stan saw two. We did see the space station go by as well as some other high flying objects. No UFO's, so I'm bummed. It's always good to have these adventures with Stan! We gave in by 5:30 and came inside. Sitting outside, not moving, I got chilly even with all the winter gear on.

I'd love to report I have made progress on listing items for sale, but seems those I have listed are not selling. I don't know what else to do except for donation, but most are not taking donations with COVID-19.

I went shopping at Savers and bought NIB, a yogurt maker! I have been thinking of buying one...and one appeared for $5.99 with 20% off! I need a new vegetable grater, I found one. I'm still in the market for a good spatula to flip quesadillas, I did find one, but wish for a stainless steel rather than plastic. I did find several nice Pampered Chef items at a good price. It takes time to look, but bargains do still exist.

Last Thursday, I went to the Plymouth Registry of Deeds to find some ancient deeds for my friend. His neighbor claims a right-of-way onto his property. However, it seems the right-of-way that was issued has been abandoned. If you don't use it uninterruptedly and continuous for 20 years, it may be considered abandoned. Only the lawyers know. I hope it doesn't go to land court...but there are wetlands to consider, too. The proposed road (changing this path) is going right over the brook. I believe the Conservation Agent will veto any road development. The neighbor wanted to put in a solar array, the town vetoed this idea. Now, he may be looking to sub-divide and sell house lots! A road would have to be sizeable to accommodate such a sub-division. I have been looking into the Massachusetts General Laws, but seems there isn't any real documentation on this subject.

That's what I have time for this morning...